FBWW's Mehmet Pozam Featured on BBC Radio Again Friday

FBWW in the Media  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Friday, May 28, 2010 Picture

Just one day after Fenerbahçe Worldwide Executive Editor Mehmet Pozam was featured on BBC World Service Radio, the prestigious media outlet has invited him back to participate again today.  Pozam will be a guest on Friday's edition of 'Europe Today,' providing reaction to the announcement earlier today that France, not Turkey, will host UEFA Euro 2016.  The show can be heard live Friday at 19:00 Turkish time (12 Noon EST in the U.S.; 5 PM in the U.K.). 

Fenerbahçe Worldwide Executive Editor Mehmet Pozam will again be a guest on BBC World Service Radio's 'Europe Today' program Friday.  The show featured him on Thursday, prior to the UEFA Euro 2016 announcement.  Earlier today, France was awarded the competition, in what many consider to be an upset over Turkey and Italy. 

Pozam discussed Turkey's chances on Thursday and made the case for why the country should host the tournament.  On Friday, the official announcement came from Switzerland that France will host the tournament for a record third time.  Turkey has never hosted the competition. 

The Fenerbahçe Worldwide editor was invited back to the show Friday to provide reaction from the Turkish camp to the announcement.  Fenerbahçe Worldwide is one of the only media outlets in the world providing extensive coverage of the Turkish National Team in English, in addition to full news and coverage of Fenerbahçe.  Started in 2006, the website, led by Nathan Redd and Mehmet Pozam, has been featured in media outlets around the world, and was recognized in 2009 by UEFA as an official news source for Fenerbahçe and Turkish football. 

Friday's appearance on BBC World Service Radio is the fourth media appearance in less than two weeks for Fenerbahçe Worldwide and Mehmet Pozam.  He appeared on Turkish television network FB TV, as well as in Norwegian media outlet Dagbladet just last week. 

Fans can listen to Pozam live Friday at http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/audioconsole/?stream=live.  Friday's show begins at 19:00 Turkish time (12 Noon EST in the U.S.; 5 PM in the U.K.). 

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BushRanger • 18:49 • May 28, 2010
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Turkish President Abdullah Gul had both travelled to Switzerland to support their nations' bids.

UEFA vice president Senes Erzik of Turkey criticised UEFA's president Michel Platini of France for introducing Sarkozy but not Gul during the final presentations.

"What Platini did is not normal," Erzik told Turkish broadcaster NTV. "He should have treated each president the same way. He made a mistake... Platini should not have done this in the interests of fair play."

Scandalous! Platini is a complete ham shanker
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