Mendiondo : "Luis Would Never Throw In The Towel"

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Friday, October 24, 2008 Picture

Aragones' assistant coach Cesar Mendiondo spoke to Spanish newspaper El Pais and stated that there was absolutely no way his boss would ever quit the team. Mediondo told the newspaper, "Luis would never throw in the towel, even if he was facing God."

Fenerbahçe assistant coach Cesar Mendiondo spoke to El Pais and praised his boss' ambition. Mendiondo stated that Luis Aragones would never think of quitting. "He has always managed to turn these types of situations around," said Mendiondo.

"We made a bad start to the league, but we thought this was something temporary," admitted the assistant coach. "Let's see what time will tell, when we enter positive dynamics," said Mendiondo.

The newspaper also wrote that Aragones' players weren't carrying out his tactics and that the team was conceding a lot of goals. El Pais also wrote that Roberto Carlos was lacking concentration and that despite his good form Dani Güiza wasn't performing well.

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a_ozturk • 18:12 • October 24, 2008
listen mendiondo. i seriously don't mind if he throws in the towel please let him throw in a million towels ill still be glad. just throw one ill be over the moon. GET HIM OUT. piss off aragones
Saladin • 18:36 • October 24, 2008
what a stupid guy this mendiondo!!i dont know who is more stupid he or aragones!?maybe we should wote on this one.
players weren't carrying out aragones tactics,because he had no tactics to offer to them!!
this old man is so stupid that he needs 11 world-class of players to get results,any person in the world will achive results with that kind of team!!
so aragones go away and take your idiot assistant coach with you!!
ozanFB • 18:41 • October 24, 2008
I like this mentality though of never giving up.. we should honor this because dede could have it so much easier when he would quit! he would get his pay for one year and in spain he is a hero anyway- so he is choosing the hard way which deserves some respect!
Prisonbreak94 • 18:50 • October 24, 2008
Totally agree with you Ozan, it seems aragones will not resign anytime soon and I respect his never give-up policy. I believe that soon things will get better. But we will need transfers in the next transfer windows. Our defense is a shambles...
Saladin • 18:59 • October 24, 2008
you got it all wrong ozan!this is nothing to doo with his never giving up attitude!,aragones doesnt want to leave because he wants to prove him self that he can make great results outside spain and if he leaves now that would leave bad stain on his carer!!He doesnt give a .... about fenerbahce,he just thinks about himself!!Because if he is a good and honourable man he would admit that he canot produce good results and in respect for fenerbahce he would resign and give someone else to try!let he leave and prove him self that he can do that somewhere else because i am sick and tired of him and his destruction of my beloved club!!!
so you just keep respecting him thats your choice,i wont
ozanFB • 19:19 • October 24, 2008
Saladin, there is a lot of negative energy in your comments :=) Dont let the dark side of the power get you!

First, if the aims of Aragones and Fener agree, I dont care if he is selfish
Second, he dont has to admit that he cant produce good results because this is not true. How can you know that any other coach would be better??
Third, his situation can get much worse if he stays. Now he can say that keyplayers were missing so he couldnt get "oil from a rock" but if we get good players in the next transfer window and the injured players return then he will have no excuse any more.. so its risky for him to stay!

This doesn't mean that i want him to stay - but I do respect him for choosing the hard way!
Saladin • 19:27 • October 24, 2008
i think that even dark vader canot make this aragones leave:)
Saladin • 19:52 • October 24, 2008
stil,i am amazed how many excuses you find for aragones in your coment!!
do you realize that only aurelio left us and we replaced kezman with guiza,basicly we have the same squad from last year and we went from last year great performances to this crapy play!!
and you are saying that he canot do anything with this squad without new players!!???come on ozan i realy dont understand you!!
we need new players of course,every club needs new players,but seriously,you canot tell me that with this squad aragones canot be at least 2 in turkish league and get easly in second round of champions league!!!???
ozanFB • 20:12 • October 24, 2008
maybe you are right.. i feel bad for this old guy!
anyway, comparing to last year:
1. no aurelio
2. no deivid
3. no vederson
and carlos and alex are not the same!
remedy2000 • 20:13 • October 24, 2008
If the guy resigns, im guessing he doesnt get paid. But if he gets sacked, he gets it all?

I'm guessing this is the real reason he wont resign.
ozanFB • 20:16 • October 24, 2008
good point remedy :)
Saladin • 20:19 • October 24, 2008
i think thats true remedy although i am not a lawyer
maybe another great reason for aragones not to leave
Saladin • 20:23 • October 24, 2008
ok ozan,there is no deivid,vederson was not a part of ideal starting 11,and i think that carlos and alex still play good football!!
i am telling you with this team aragones could achive much better results,and thats clear to all!!
greetings ozan!!!:)
fb_fan • 20:50 • October 24, 2008
hi people i m back
ozanFB • 01:24 • October 25, 2008
selamlar saladin, at least i agree with you on that he can not produce much weaker results :)
welcome back fb_fan
Kanarya • 02:18 • October 25, 2008
he "may" be a good manager but he just cant work with fener, we keep losing so morale s going down players will get angry and listen even less meaning worse and worse results but hey like ozan said it cant get any worse can it....can it?
DeutschFener7 • 02:43 • October 25, 2008
This is bad, this guy is already starting to point fingers at Guiza, and Carlos.
ozanFB • 03:22 • October 25, 2008
comming back to remedy's point: I dont think that AY will wail until Aragones resigns just to save the money! Because, if AY is willing to wait until Aragones resigns just to save his pay no matter how worse it gets then he would lose much more money on, for example, not qualifying for the CL, less supporters and so on.. That is, if AY thinks that Aragones is the wrong coach he should sack him right now
a_ozturk • 04:01 • October 25, 2008
saladin that is exaclty what i think on what u wrote 5 posts up. there is very minor changes in the squad yet nobody is performing. the summer doesn't change a person. the only person to blame here is aragones. zico 1st years TSL champions 2nd year zico TSL 2nd and CL semi's. 3rd year aragones excuse my language but shit house. the people to blame is aziz yildirim and aragones. zico had set up the path for a squad to make a difference. we are back to baby steps.
Alex20 • 04:52 • October 25, 2008
The Only formation could beat Bursa any other formation sorry guys but we will louse at least 3 goals against us.
Volkan Babacan

Gokhan Onder Lugano Gurhan

Kazim Deniz Ugur


Guiza Semih
rokkafellah • 07:25 • October 25, 2008
thats big talk, Alex20
rokkafellah • 07:25 • October 25, 2008
Here's my Semih Video
Kozak • 16:42 • October 25, 2008
Alex20, Babacan is still too inexperienced. Demirel is really our best option atm no matter how much he annoys us fans.
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