Fabio Bilica Transfer Details Have Been Leaked

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Tuesday, June 9, 2009 Picture

Last night Fenerbahçe officially announced Fabio Bilica's transfer. The Yellow Canaries administration haven't confirmed the technicalities yet, but details of the transfer have been leaked to the press. Reports confirm that in exchange for Bilica, Fenerbahçe has given Yasin Çakmak to Sivasspor. Bilica has also expressed his delight in signing with Fenerbahçe.

The Yellow Canaries declared on Monday night that they had completed the transfers of defenders Fabio Bilica and Bekir İrtegün. The latter is already known to have come to Fenerbahçe on a free transfer, but Bilica's transfer details have yet been confirmed by the club administration.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide had reported rumours that Yasin Çakmak would play for Sivasspor next season. Reports on Tuesday confirm that Yasin has completed a move to Sivasspor, signing a three years contract with the Anadolu giants with respect to the Bilica transfer deal.  

Sivasspor President Mecnun Otyakmaz spoke to DHA on Tuesday and revealed the details of the transfer. "Yesterday, we had talks with the Fenerbahçe administration for Bilica which ended positively," said Odayakmaz.

"In exchange for Bilica, we got Yasin Çakmak and 2 Million Euros," revealed the Sivasspor President. Mecnun Otyakmaz stated that Fabio Bilica had also signed a three years contract with Fenerbahçe.  

Details have yet to be confirmed by the Yellow Canaries administration, but defender Fabio Bilica is delighted to have completed his move to Fenerbahçe. Sivasspor's official website announced Bilica's transfer with a quote from Fenerbahçe captain Alex de Souza who said, "I would like to play side by side with Europe's best central defender at Fenerbahçe."

Bilica also expressed his joy to finalize his transfer to the Yellow Canaries stating, "I'm delighted to be at the team of my dreams, Fenerbahçe." Bilica also thanked manager Bülent Uygun and President Otyakmaz for their support throughout his campaign at Sivasspor.

Comments (5)

Rokkafellah10 • 05:33 • June 10, 2009
not a very good deal
Rokkafellah10 • 05:48 • June 10, 2009
in other words, he switched Turkcell for Avea :)
tarik10 • 08:36 • June 10, 2009
brilliant deal got rid of the waste yasin cakmak and brought in the strong brilliance bilica i think we got him on the cheap BRILLIANT DEAL FENERBAHCE
mehmet • 12:59 • June 10, 2009
Fener is also said to have given three more players to Sivasspor on a loan... but still, Fenerbahçe has not yet officially confirmed these details...
Fener_eniste • 23:30 • June 10, 2009
I disagree with Tarik. Yasin HAS made some mistakes in the back half. However, in his defense, he DID save some goals and hustled ALOT! This is good for Yasin. He will develop at Sivas and get a starting position.
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