Fener Thrash Ulm 5-0 in First Friendly of the Germany Camp

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Picture

Fenerbahçe thrashed local side SSV Ulm 1846, 5-0, in the opening friendly of their pre-season camp in Germany. New transfers Fabio Bilica and Bekir İrtegün played in tonight's starting eleven. Goals on Tuesday came from Gökhan Gönül (23rd), Semih Şentürk (50th & 63rd), Deivid de Souza (65th) and Önder Turacı (73rd).

A strong crowd was present in Baden-Würtemberg to see Fenerbahce take on SSV ULM 1846 in what was never any more than a glorified practice match for the team from Kadikoy. The Sarı-Larivert camp mates were in a relaxed and jovial mood as they jogged onto the Donau Stadium tonight.

They had every right to be confident with a strong starting eleven to take on the Regionalliga Süd side. All the big names were present for the Canaries with the exceptions of of injured players Mehmet Topuz, Özer Hurmacı, Gökçek Vederson and Colin Kazım-Richards, as well as an obviously absent Daniel Güiza.

Fenerbahçe seemed to dominate the possession in the first few minutes, before a defensive mistake by Bilica nearly resulted in a goal. However, a nervous ULM attack provided a comedy of errors in the front of the goal with goalkeeper Volkan Demirel securing the the ball. Despite the Jerry Lewis style striking display, the ULM attack seemed to gain confidence in the minutes after with the same attacker charging down the wing and firing the first shot on goal into Demirel's safe hands.

The Yellow Canaries responded in the 7th minute with a free kick by Roberto Carlos bouncing off the crossbar, a flurry of shots and stops were made in the the following melee with Semih Şentürk finally finding the back of the net only to be called offside. The offensive continued from the Istanbul travellers and a goal was barely avoided due to some desperate defense from the Baden-Würtemberg side.

The breakthrough came in the 23rd minute with Alex de Souza passing down the leftside to Uğur Boral who took the ball to the touch line, before crossing the ball in front of the goal to the waiting head of Gökhan Gönul, beating the keeper: 1-0.

The last part of the first half saw some frustrated play from the Sarı Lacivertliler as poor passing and wasted shots stopped them from adding to Gökhan's effort. Half-time score: 1-0.

Prodigal gaffer Christoph Daum made several changes at half-time with Bekir İrtegün and Selçuk Şahin coming off for Önder Turacı and Ali Bilgin.

The 50th minute found a reversal of fortune for the struggling Semih Şentürk as an assist from Emre Belezoğlu found him one-on-one with the German keeper Holger Betz. Semih delivered a seemingly effortless chip over the keeper, just as the defense caught up with him and found the net: 2-0. 

Semih's good luck continued as he was gifted a tap in courtesy of a rebound off another strong Carlos freekick in the 62nd minute: 3-0.

New transfer Fabio Bilica exited the game shortly after to be replaced by Deniz Barış. Deivid de Souza finally found some good form to give the Canaries their fourth goal for the outing with a nice chip over a frustrated Betz: 4-0.

Fenerbahçe seemed to be enjoying themselves as Önder Turacı gave himself a birthday present by rocketing one from close to the corner of the box to find his team's fifth and final goal of the game: 5-0.

Abdülkadir Kayalı replaced Deivid in the 75th minute and along with Furkan showed some great energy to push the home team in the final minutes, coming close to adding to the visitor total. Final result: 5-0.

Fenerbahçe: Volkan Demirel (45th, Volkan Babacan), Gökhan Gönül, Bekir İrtegün (45th, Önder Turacı), Fabio Bilica (63rd, Deniz Barış), Roberto Carlos, Emre Belözoğlu, Selçuk Şahin (45th, Ali Bilgin), Uğur Boral (76th, Furkan Aydın), Deivid de Souza (76th, Abdülkadir Kayalı), Alex de Souza, Semih Şentürk (76th, Onur Karakabak)

(Match report written by Nathan Griggs)

(Photo courtesy of Fenerbahce.org)

Comments (7)

GFBrandon • 00:39 • July 15, 2009
Great game, Great goals.
kazimfener • 00:50 • July 15, 2009
great game, wait u can have 7 substitute in a friendly?
GFBHollanda • 01:24 • July 15, 2009
Wow I am realy happy about Bilica! What a terrific player! He comes up and can build the defence. With lugano no one comes in! R.Carlos was great Gokhan great alex great Emre great. The others were normal... Semih and Deivid missed alot of chances!

You can use 7 subs yes...
kazimfener • 02:09 • July 15, 2009
Bekir was too nervous to play today
ergin • 02:15 • July 15, 2009
Bilica was good overall but I'm a little perturbed by his huge mistakes in the first half. If we were playing a better team at least one of those mistakes would've been converted into a goal. We'll see how he develops over the season...
polat10 • 04:09 • July 15, 2009
check this out


mehmet • 12:09 • July 15, 2009
special thanks again to griggsy for the match report!
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