New Transfers Mean Major Lineup Shifts For Canaries

Commentary  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Thursday, July 23, 2009 Picture

The acquisition of André dos Santos and Cristian Oliveira could mean major changes this season in the Canaries' lineup.  Left winger André dos Santos and defensive midfielder Cristian Oliveira could send several Fener veterans to the bench due to their impressive play.  Due to the foreign player rule in Turkish football, Christoph Daum has some important decisions to make in fielding a first eleven this season.

Few are questioning the transfers of André dos Santos and Cristian Oliveira, both of whom have played impressive football in Brazil, drawing the interest of several European giants.  The only one who may be concerned about the new players is coach Christoph Daum.  Fortunately for Daum, the wealth of talent is a good problem to have.

Daum will be faced with some major decisions this week due to the Turkish foreign player rule.  The "6+2 Rule" states that only six foreign players can be on the pitch at one time, while two foreign players can be used as reserves.  According to a report in Turkish newspaper Milliyet this week, this means that either Deivid de Souza or Roberto Carlos could possibly come off the bench this season.  The decision is up to Daum; if he plays dos Santos at left back, veteran superstar Roberto Carlos will likely be used as a reserve.  However, if Daum opts to play dos Santos in front of Carlos in more of a 'Mehmet Aurelio' role, Deivid de Souza will lose his spot in the first eleven. 

The impressive play of dos Santos in the Confederations Cup means the Brazilian will likely see major minutes in the starting eleven this fall.  Turkish newspaper Sabah says Oliveira will likely come off the bench.  Additionally, Fener management are considering suspending the contract of defender Edu Dracena while the Brazilian footballer heals. 

To complicate things even more for Daum, Fenerbahçe are still being linked to a number of foreign transfers.  At least one more international player could join the squad this summer, meaning Daum will have to do even more lineup shifting.  The problem, however, is certainly a good one to have.  Roberto Carlos is undoubtedly one of the greatest defenders of all time, while Deivid de Souza was arguably the team's best player during their 2007-2008 UEFA Champions League run.  Having either player coming off the bench is a luxury many teams would love to have. 

Daum is expected to play around with the team's lineups over the next few weeks.  If Fenerbahçe can build a commanding lead over Budapest Honvéd in European play, Daum will likely use the opportunity to get actual minutes for new players.  The best case scenario is for Fener to develop an early lead next week, allowing Daum to experiment with his new lineup without fear.  Nevertheless, the German boss has a lot of big decisions to make in the coming weeks. 

(photo courtesy of fenerbahç

Comments (81)

polat10 • 19:42 • July 23, 2009
Its better that deivid comes off the bench
carlos3 • 19:43 • July 23, 2009
ok play carlos put deivid on the bench im not having our star left back carlos postion taken by some dos santos guy dps santso takes left mid carlos left attack and guiza left attack done
carlos3 • 19:43 • July 23, 2009
polat how do you mean
carlos3 • 19:44 • July 23, 2009
deivid comes of the bench do you mean deivid on the bench and carlos in the starting eleven
carlos3 • 19:45 • July 23, 2009
and also polat if deivid dose leave fener can you at least have the respect to give him for all those goals from long range for giving fenerbahce there longest ever run in the cha,po league ok polat
polat10 • 19:46 • July 23, 2009
Dos santos should take ugur borals spot and we already have mehmet topuz
polat10 • 19:47 • July 23, 2009
I have respect for deivid but some games he did really stupid things that pissed me off and carlos should be in the starting 11 and dos santos on left mid cause dos santos and carlos can work good together
Kozak • 19:51 • July 23, 2009
Deivid has more to offer than Carlos imo.
kazimfener • 19:54 • July 23, 2009
i am saying this 100% Santos has to play for Ugur.
Kozak • 19:57 • July 23, 2009
doesn't seem the case that Santos will play for Ugur..
polat10 • 20:00 • July 23, 2009
Kazimfener thays something we all hope will happen
ergin • 20:01 • July 23, 2009
yeah I thought that Santos would take Ugur's spot. Ugur's play has greatly declined over the past year :(
polat10 • 20:09 • July 23, 2009
Well you never know ozer can play left mid also
Szivin • 20:18 • July 23, 2009
As long as Kazim is in the starting 11 I'm happy.
JayJayOkocha • 20:24 • July 23, 2009
----------------------- volkan---------------------------
gokhan gonul----onder turaci---bilica--------------Santos

Kozak • 20:25 • July 23, 2009
giving Kazim that position would be awesomeness on the level of Frank Rijkaard lol.
eksi • 20:26 • July 23, 2009
Just make Deivid and Alex Turkish and problem solved.
JayJayOkocha • 20:31 • July 23, 2009
I think Daum will put Ozer on the left. During his time at Ankaraspor, Ozer mentioned in an interview about Milli Takim that he can play on left and right wing, or center. Ozer can use both his feet. I'd like to see Kazim play in that position because he used to play as a striker. But we already got Semih and Guiza. Though, I'd like to see a new striker. Semih and Guiza is too much of the same.
polat10 • 20:38 • July 23, 2009
Jayjayokocha I don't like that line-up at all cause emre isn't in it and that's someone we really need and switch kazim for guiza and put emre as center forward cause kazim can't do good through passes and its better to have semih and kazim up front and emre on center attacking or center defending mid.
WirSINDFenerbahce • 20:45 • July 23, 2009
Too late for Daum to bring in fellow German, hardman Tim Borowski. Borowski resigned for Bremen, bummer I wanted him to come!
carlos3 • 21:08 • July 23, 2009
guys so your think well be playing the same team all year round were gonna have all different teams i think iv done the best teams for fenerbahce right here:
carlos3 • 21:09 • July 23, 2009
our possible teams for 2009-2010 season:
team A:
team B:
team C:
team D:
team E:
team F:
JayJayOkocha • 21:13 • July 23, 2009

Emre shouldn't be in anyway. 1-2 nice moves trying to get past an opponent and that's it. He has got nothing else to bring to the table. If Fener didn't get him his carrier would be as good as finished.

Ozer>Emre anyday.
carlos3 • 21:13 • July 23, 2009
ive shown polat already what do you guys think, alex and deivid deserve turkish citizenship after evreything theyve done for us

-also polat yeah deivdi has done stupid things mostly in the trabzons game but we saw his two games of how he played and he was really good in all of them scoring 3 goals in his first two games classical but maybe his time at fener is up who knows but he deserves to still play for fener hes too good to give away like that

i also think fenerbahce should give away ugur deniz slecuk and ali iblgin there gonna be just wastes at fener esspecially ugur sicne we have ozer,alex,deivid,topuz,cristian,emre,santos ugur is by far the worst out of allof them he has to go
carlos3 • 21:14 • July 23, 2009
so okocha what do you think of my teams
Kozak • 21:16 • July 23, 2009
You don't earn Turkish citizenship..
JayJayOkocha • 21:19 • July 23, 2009

R.Carlos should be a sub. I mean come on man. What is he good for ? Name 1 good thing.

Santos should'nt play as a left winger but a LB. He can go foward, like Dani Alves or Sergio Ramos do on the right. But he should play as a LB and Ozer on the left wing.
WirSINDFenerbahce • 21:23 • July 23, 2009
When are me gonna cut ties with Carlos, and give him a Coup de Grace? Its more merciful to get rid of him. He's too slow, and hurts us against teams with pace up front
carlos3 • 21:24 • July 23, 2009
do you honestly think okocha daum will put a legendary footballer like carlos on the bench your joking he loves carlos and emre the most so hell play them who knows topuz santos could go on the bench deivid on but daum loves carlos mainly because of evreybody likes him and you knoww what okocha did you see the golas he scored last year let me show you this is what hes good for

that is my proof okocha hes a good player
carlos3 • 21:26 • July 23, 2009
and jayjayokocha did you my line ups i made all of our footballer a chance to play thats what daum will do
carlos3 • 21:28 • July 23, 2009
team A,team B,team C,team D,team E AND team F whats the best guys
Kozak • 21:28 • July 23, 2009
Carlos still rips some turkish teams but he shouldn't play in Europe..
JayJayOkocha • 21:29 • July 23, 2009
No man. I don't care if he scored a couple of goals. With his shot he should be able to score against lower Turkcell super lig keepers. I don't care about that. The fact is, he's POOR in defence. I remember Ibrahimovic joking with him. He just stood infront of Carlos doing nothing, and scored very simply. That might not be the best example 'cause it's against Ibracadabra, but hell he can't even stop Yattara. His defending is poor to say the least.

Plus, anyone can get on the bench. Legend or not. Look at Ronaldinho.
WirSINDFenerbahce • 21:32 • July 23, 2009
Yes like when Arsenal shat on us at home, he was horrible in defence along with Yasin. I also remember he took some rediculous free kicks from like 30 yards out that were totally off. Definently no more European nights for him
WirSINDFenerbahce • 21:36 • July 23, 2009
it was Theo Walcott who made him look average from his earlier years
JayJayOkocha • 21:38 • July 23, 2009
Yeah, Walcott destroyed him.

We should have acted quickly to get Caner Erkin from CSKA, before Zhirkov went to Chelsea.
JayJayOkocha • 22:04 • July 23, 2009
Good news. Tensions are high between Caner and Zico. Caner thinks about leaving the team if this continues.

Seems like Zico is taking revenge on a Turkish player for getting fired.
Kozak • 22:05 • July 23, 2009
Zico might be disciplining him to make him into a better player. I've seen it before.

Fatih Terim did it with Emre.
carlos3 • 22:07 • July 23, 2009
so your saying you dont want carlos to play any games
carlos3 • 22:08 • July 23, 2009
and for your stupid info he didnt score a couple of goals he scored 8 gaols half of guiza and guizas a striker carlos a defender why dont you guys hate guiza
carlos3 • 22:08 • July 23, 2009
huh why dont you guys hate guiza he flopped more than carlos 100% he didnt score for 4 months and hes a stirkers now thats shit
Kozak • 22:10 • July 23, 2009
Carlos should definitely play games. He still is a good footballer. Bigger games he should sit on the bench and let the more younger Santos play.

Guiza is an ibne but he isn't known as a world class striker for nothing.
carlos3 • 22:11 • July 23, 2009
you know looking at what kozaks says jayjayokocha and wirsindfenerbahce look like complete mugs to kozak
carlos3 • 22:12 • July 23, 2009
you guys are retards put carlos on the bench you mad dogs are you mad carlos is too good to be true big games yeah put him on the benhc and play deivid but games against turkish teams uhhhhhhh forget why am i argueing with you i know for sure daum will play him on he said the 5 main players i must play are carlos,emre,alex,semih and santos/deivid
JayJayOkocha • 22:12 • July 23, 2009
Well, Kozak, if he would be disciplining him, he wouldn't leave him out of the squad. Caner is awesomeness. He got everything. Passing,technique,very good in defense and attack. What else could Zico wish for ? I doubt he's such a brat.

And Carlos,
You're missing the point that he's a defender. Not a attacker. I couldn't care less how much he scores if his defending is POOR.
Kozak • 22:15 • July 23, 2009
Yeah Caner is a very good player and I hope he does come to Fenerbahce one day but hes young..and being young myself I know what we get up to.

Galatasaray are really struggling against Tobol.
carlos3 • 22:15 • July 23, 2009
so put him as a winger then
carlos3 • 22:16 • July 23, 2009
carlos is one of the fastest players in fener hed be an azming winger scoring long shots all the time hes very good at assisting
MVP • 22:18 • July 23, 2009
i'll laugh if tobol score last minute. Carlos is such a "has been" I would not have him in my 11 anymore
carlos3 • 22:18 • July 23, 2009
come on tobol beat gala gala are s**t i want any team from europe to beat gala
WirSINDFenerbahce • 22:19 • July 23, 2009
Just because I have a differnet opinion than you Carlos means I'm stupid. I never touted myself as a football expert. I feel the same way Okocha feels in the fact that you want your defnders to defend, and yes if they can score goals that's an added luxery. But their main purpose is to defend!
carlos3 • 22:20 • July 23, 2009
carlos3 • 22:20 • July 23, 2009
i respect your opinion WirSIND fENERBAHCE
MVP • 22:21 • July 23, 2009
damn lol
Kozak • 22:22 • July 23, 2009
pushed him too far MVP lol.
JayJayOkocha • 22:22 • July 23, 2009
Nope, he ain't got not technique. He would be exhausted early in the game everytime our players went to attack. He slows down the game. He should sit on the bench, and play after 65-70 minutes.

And I hope GS loses. I'm always in for succes of Turkish teams in Europe no matter which team, but GS deserves to lose.
MVP • 22:25 • July 23, 2009
MVP • 22:26 • July 23, 2009
gala will do s**t this year and rijkaard will get the boot, mark my words.
Kozak • 22:29 • July 23, 2009
nah i don't want GS to lose..

we need to make sure that the group stage champions league qualification for the winner of the league stays..

Honestly Galatasaray are the only Turkish team that try to win anything in Europe.

For Fenerbahce its only Champions League or nothing which is crap because we could easily win the Europa League.

For Besiktas they just try to put in a good performance.
JayJayOkocha • 22:37 • July 23, 2009
Gs scored.
It would be nice ofcourse if a Turkish team continues, but let's get serious, 1 cup won by GS like 10 years ago and they still think they are kings of Europe.

My hopes for this year is Fener and BJK in Europe. Perhaps Trabzon either. With their current squad BJK should be able to get out the group stages. Fener should win the Europe league without much trouble.
MVP • 22:37 • July 23, 2009
Ye you're right, we need turk teams to do well in europe.

But i would prefer them not to be in it at all if thet're going to a disgrace. example 8-0, seriously wtf would have people thought about our teams after that.

Thank god fener left good memories in 07/08 and people can dwell back on that
JayJayOkocha • 22:39 • July 23, 2009
BJK squad was s**t at that time. But with their current squad they could get pretty far. Atleast out of the group stages.
Kozak • 22:40 • July 23, 2009
Except we're not going to win the Europe League without much trouble..

We're going to go out from a shit club because the league doesn't pay enough money for the board to care.
MVP • 22:41 • July 23, 2009
how can we compete with the big clubs when we have the s**t foreign rule!!!
JayJayOkocha • 22:44 • July 23, 2009
Well Kozak, I don't fully agree. Money is a aspect, but winning the Europe League would be good for our image and attracting bigger players. Even if it's not the CL, it's still a rate of succes in Europe. We have a fairly young squad at the moment. I think average is around 25 now or 26, without counting Carlos. We have players who would be desperate to prove themselves in Europe, even though it's "just" the Europe League.
MVP • 22:50 • July 23, 2009
that kind of arrogance will bring you no success
kazimfener • 22:51 • July 23, 2009
I am serious the only turkish team that will do good in europe is fb,gs and trabzonspor. I mean sivas lost all of their friendly games. And when a team wins the league they get alot of money and they get alot of transfers.

Bjk got only 5 players. And only Ferrrari is good.

It"s going to get really nasty for sivas. :(
MVP • 22:53 • July 23, 2009
i hope sivas dont make it into CL group stage or else people will forget the 8-0
Kozak • 22:54 • July 23, 2009
I hope they do...

Bulent Uygun would deploy a very good defensive strategy that will have them leave the champions league with pride, respect and a big wad of cash.
MVP • 22:56 • July 23, 2009
we'll see
MVP • 22:57 • July 23, 2009
gala struggled to beat tobol, they are so unorganized atm
Kozak • 23:04 • July 23, 2009
Yeah its mainly their forward line. They can't finish at all.

Milan Baros seems so shaky atm.
ergin • 23:56 • July 23, 2009
Baros was shaky today but to give him the benefit of the doubt he didn't finish well cause the rest of the team barely gave him anything to work with. I can count maybe 2 chances that were provided to him by nice passes from the midfield. Everything else was a long ball that was off that he was supposed to chase down...

In any case, I also hope they do well in Europa so we hold onto the CL league spot for first place in the TSL.
Ediz36 • 01:14 • July 24, 2009
Hehe it was great reading this long thread :D

In my opinion R. Carlos has about a season....2 at a stretch....left in him. He deserves to start, if he looks tired bring on Santos, if he can't play every game then bring on Santos.

But this is the most ridiculous news i've read all day concerning the kanaryalar!
FenerNY • 02:10 • July 24, 2009
Im actually quite shocked that no one has referred to Fenerbahce being like Liverpool this season. I think Daum will use the new surplus of talent to his advantage as Rafa does. You dont have to field the same 11 every week you just need balance and consistancy.

Think about it guys. When you have a rotating starting 11 you have more competition for the spots. The team will fight not only for a place on the starting 11 but for the league and cup trophies that much harder.

As far as all this Europa league being sh*t talk. what r u guys nuts... there are more teams than uefa cup, meaning more competition. maybe some lesser experienced teams yes however there is no result in football that is guarenteed.... Hell Honved may give us trouble and look what they did in Hungary's league.

Also for Fenerbahce it is no longer about $$$ as said but about prestige. We dont care about making a crazy profit this year via competition esp not when endorsements take care of $. Aziz babais promising 3 str8 championships. I think that will translate to more.

Anyhow this is my ideal 11 with who we have.

GG----------Onder---Bilica----------Dos Santos
polat10 • 02:38 • July 24, 2009
Okocha without emre we wouldn't have even been in uefa cup
JayJayOkocha • 03:06 • July 24, 2009
---------------------volkan demirel----------------------
Gokhan Gonul-------Sivok-------Servet--------------Santos

Prolly one of the best teams you can form picking players out of superlig :)
FenerNY • 05:43 • July 24, 2009
lol i just realised it looks like i posted a 12 man roster when i wanted to write the word "or" between alex and kazim...

anyone hear anything about Tuncay... Wheres he headed to? any news?
SSL09 • 12:27 • July 24, 2009
If daum isn't going to start Carlos although i suspect he will. Then tell him, at 36 he deserves to know now, while he could still leave. My personal opinion is that he should play behind santos on the left, i think those two will bring create flair and magic playing alongside each other.
GFBHollanda • 15:02 • July 24, 2009
make alex and deivid turkish and the problem is solved! Sent edu away!
mkaymer • 09:06 • August 19, 2010
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