Player Ratings - UEFA Europa League: Fener 2 -2 FC Sion

Commentary  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Friday, August 28, 2009 Picture

Fener are on their way to the UEFA Europa League group stage after advancing Thursday night.  The Yellow Canaries finished in a 2-2 draw with FC Sion, but they advance on 4-2 aggregate.  One of the newest Canaries provided all of the offense for the team tonight, and that's why he's our man of the match.  Fenerbahçe Worldwide Man of the Match:  Andre dos Santos.

Volkan Demirel - 5.5
Volkan had more to do in the first half than he has had all season thus far. He made nice saves in the 12th and 25th minutes and was not at fault for the first goal conceded. The second goal was a result of a penalty conceded by Volkan. Definite penalty where Volkan came out to block the angle after some poor defensive work and took the man instead of the ball and was lucky to only receive a yellow. The bottom line, however, was that Fener conceded two goals at home against a team deemed ‘inferior’ by all.
Gökhan Gönül - 4.5
An uncharacteristically poor performance by Gökhan. He seemed to be "Mr. Reliable" this season to date but proved that he is actually human today. He gave away the free kick that led to the first goal by FC Sion. The free kick itself went just over his head and onto the head of the goal scorer right behind him. His partnership with Kazım on the right flank was basically non-existent tonight. Gökhan tried to attack but was unsuccessful, and in the 29th minute lost the ball at half way, which as FC Sion countered resulted in the conceded penalty. His only attacking highlight was a cross to Andre dos Santos, only for the Brazilian to miss the target.
Önder Turacı - 4.5
Önder was given a chance by Daum tonight, which he didn’t take, and looks to take his accustomed spot on the bench in the future. His positioning was awful and seemed more out of sync with Lugano than even Bilica was. Let his man get infront of him and win the header that opened the scoring for the visitors. In the seconds before Volkan conceded the penalty, Önder was chasing the counter-attack and was gaining.  However, he saw Volkan coming out and dramatically slowed down, giving the striker a lot more room to make a decision, basically assuming Volkan would collect the ball. A defender should know not to ever assume and always play safety first.
Diego Lugano - 6.0
The center-back duo as a whole was poor tonight but Lugano was the brighter of the two. He looked a lot more confident and made sure that anything that came his way was out of the danger zone before anyone could make a move. He seemed to get frustrated and showed it by giving away pointless hard fouls. Lugano made a crucial clearance to prevent a sure goal in the 13th minute. A class above any other defender in the squad tonight.
Gökçek Vederson - 5.0
Gökçek Vederson was once again given a chance at the left back position, this time with mixed results. Defensively played well considered his lack of size and physique. He lazily gave up on a defensive play in the first half but otherwise worked very hard on the defensive end without any major errors. In attack, on the other hand, the left wing was horrible. The Vederson/ Boral combination was useless and produced nothing until dos Santos was moved to the left late in the game.
Cristian Baroni - 6.5
Cristian worked hard as usual and winning most tackles he entered. He showed Selçuk Şahin how the defensive midfield position should be played even though it wasn’t his best game. Baroni was also frustrated and was seen bringing the ball up the field himself rather than waiting for passes from the defense. His passing was crisp as usual and he performed well on a bad night for Fener.                                                             
Selçuk Şahin - 4.0
One of the worst performances I personally have ever seen from Selçuk Şahin. Very disappointing in all areas of the field. Defensively poor, non-existent attacking game.  He missed a volley from about 12 yards in the 32nd minute and was nowhere to be found for the rest of the match. It is unacceptable for a player of his calibre to give up completely on stopping an attack and stand on half way with his hands on his knees.  It could be understandable if your team is leading 3-0 and it’s the 93rd minute.
Colin Kazım-Richards - 6.5
Colin earned the penalty so we can say he got an assist. Worked hard as usual but didn’t look as mature in tonight’s match as he has been this season so far. This could be because his ‘right hand man’ Gokhan wasn’t supporting him like he normally does and vice versa. Had a few good combinations with his dancing partner.
Uğur Boral - 4.5
Gets a starting spot on the left but probably will be his only start in an important match for a while. No chemistry whatsoever with Vederson, and Uğur didn’t produce any quality crosses.  He looked lost throughout the match. Didn’t make any crucial mistakes but didn’t do anything positive in attack either. Conclusion:  inconsistency of Uğur Boral will continue for an undetermined time.
Andres Dos Santos - 8.0  (Man of the Match)
The only bright light in a poor performance by the Yellow Canaries and dos Santos worked hard all night. Right from the get-go he pressured the defense and was rewarded after 2 minutes when he stole the ball from the last line of defense and his left foot did the rest. Looked lively trying to set up Semih until Kazım won the penalty which he coolly converted to get his second for the night. Could have scored his third but narrowly missed after Gökhan’s cross found him open. Reminiscent of the second minute, Andres stole the ball from the defense in the 81st minute which led to a good chance for substitute Dani Güiza.
Semih Şentürk - 6.0
Worked hard but wasn’t quiet himself tonight. Missed a few chances in the first half before disappearing in the second. Frustration was building up for Semih who would have wanted to impress in his starting lone striker role.  He was subsequently substituted for Güiza in the 77th minute.
Emre Belözoğlu - 6.5
The fifteen minutes he was on the pitch made a huge difference. Even though no goals resulted, Fener played with creativity and attacking flair with Emre and Güiza teaming up well. Emre made a few good runs in midfield and set-up Güiza’s one-on-one.,
Dani Güiza - 6.5
Looked Lively and probably should have scored. Even though he missed he was a breath of fresh air late in a frustrating game.

(Player Ratings & Commentary by Edis Koç; Edited by Nathan L. Redd)
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Comments (14)

polat10 • 06:19 • August 28, 2009
im kinda gonna have to agree
Edisk6 • 06:25 • August 28, 2009
haha good someone agreed, when i sent this through i was like im gonna get slaughtered by the comments.
nathan • 06:39 • August 28, 2009
my apologies for the formatting on this article. I have no idea why it's doing that, but I'm working on it to see if I can fix it.
Mavi • 07:34 • August 28, 2009
I think you were too kind to Guiza... he missed a perfect chance and somehow only he misses chances like these... a breath of fresh air.. not if you ask me
cercif • 09:14 • August 28, 2009
OK, Guiza misses sometimes goal chances. But Don't forget he creates a lot of chances,as well and assists offen.
Kozak • 10:35 • August 28, 2009
all in all it was a pretty poor game.
2pac • 11:41 • August 28, 2009
Bilica didn't play? Was he on the bench?
cercif • 12:09 • August 28, 2009
FC Sion's performance was not bad. They were sometimes very strong. They had nothing to lose, that is why, their stress level was not a big problem.
kazimfener • 16:16 • August 28, 2009
Bilica has a red card in the Honved game and was to miss 2 games...
Edisk6 • 17:09 • August 28, 2009
he was on the bench
fener-pnw • 17:15 • August 28, 2009
I thought these ratings were good, but I would have rated Guiza 6 or a 5.5. The guy runs, tries to create, but he needs to play with more confidence and authority. Scion had some players who worked hard. We were lucky to get that penalty, which probably should not have been called. Thank goodness we advanced.
Kozak • 03:42 • August 29, 2009
Nah I think the penalty should have been called. He was clearly pushed down on the shoulder.

It probably wouldn't have felled him but it would have prevented the goal.
d.guiza • 00:02 • October 27, 2009
how he should of passed but goodnes thanks we got that penalty
d.guiza • 00:15 • October 27, 2009
bye fat fuckers
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