Player Ratings - Turkcell Süper Lig: FB 3-2 Ankaragücü

Commentary  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Sunday, December 13, 2009 Picture

Fenerbahçe came back from behind to beat MKE Ankaragücü on Saturday night, giving an end to their three-game losing streak. The Yellow Canaries are now back on top of the league standings and they owe major credit to one player who topped off his stunning performance with two goals and one assist. Fenerbahçe Worldwide Man of the Match: Alex de Souza.

Volkan Demirel - 6.0

Conceded two goals and could have easily been three. Didn't dive for the first goal, but can't be blamed much about the second. His woeful goalkeeping effort in the dying minutes could have cost his team valuable points hadn't Özer come to the rescue. Did make one crucial tackle coming out to shut down a counter attack. All-in-all not his worst performance of the season, but did concede two goals at home.

Gökhan Gönül - 4.0

His worst defensive performance of the season. Failed to even attempt a tackle or disrupt the attacker who he unfortunately let equalise. Somehow managing to worsen his performance when he lazily stuck out a leg to attempt a clearance, but 1-2 was the result. Not all his fault, but definitely should have done better in both situations. Positives for Gökhan were mainly in the attacking half where he had one good long range shot and he also put in the cross for the subsequent Alex opener.

Diego Lugano - 5.5

Not at his best tonight. Looked strong for the most part of the game, but the whole defensive line including the usually reliable Diego looked lost. Was caught out flat footed for the first goal and overall wasn't as commanding as fans have seen so far this season.

Fabio Bilica - 7.0

Looking more and more like the strong centre back of yesteryear. Made crucial tackles throughout, especially when defending counter attacks. Used his body well, winning tackles and free kicks. Also put through a delightful through ball for Güiza who failed to capitilize on the pass.

Roberto Carlos - 5.0

Very likely the last time we see Roberto Carlos in a domestic league match in Europe. Purposefully earned himself a yellow card, basically booking his trip to Brazil a week earlier than originally planned. Put in a few dangerous looking crosses to no prevail, but his laziness was covered most of the time by the hard working Özer. His lackluster effort created problems in defence, particularly when Carlos chose to walk around the halfway line while the opposition sides counter-attack on his wing led to the second goal for the visitors.

Cristian Baroni - 7.0

Worked hard as usual, both winning tackles and making passes. The silent assassin continued his ways, but seemed to have been let down by some around him. Was miles ahead of his defensive midfield partner tonight. (Mehmet's note: Goes to show how effective the Cristian-Emre duo is in the Fener midfield. Was clearly one of the better players on the field tonight.)

Selçuk Şahin - 5.5

Looked lazy and slow to react which will come as a suprise to some, considering the starting opportunity he is currently getting. Could have intercepted the lead in pass to the first goal, had he put a foot out. Could be seen walking around near the half, both in attack and in defence, and on a number of occassions.

Mehmet Topuz - 7.0

Could be found all over the park tonight. Mehmet worked hard in the midfield, working well with Alex & co. His long range efforts were stopped and held by the Ankara keeper which on another day could have easily gone in or led to fumbles. Was not one to shy away from his defensive duties either and was seen racing back to help the lagging defence.

Özer Hurmacı - 8.0

To the delight of many fans, Özer was given a chance in the starting lineup and he did not disappoint. Firstly, ran his heart out; not suprisingly the leader in metres ran at half-time. Used the ball well and maturity oozed through his willingness to pass when pressure arose. Set up Alex for the equaliser with an excellent faked shot and through ball. Saved the squad further defensive embarassment by clearing the ball off the line in the dying minutes of the game. The only development point from this game was his crossing and shooting accuracy which will come with training and game experience.

Alex de Souza - 8.5 (Man of the Match)

Not much more can be said about Alex de Souza this year. I have time and time again written what Alex does well and what Alex doesn't do so well. So in short two goals and one assist. King Alex does it again.

Dani Güiza - 7.0

Could have had a couple more goals in this game, missing multiple through balls that set him up and a well placed Alex corner that found him open. But in the end, our record signing earned us two extra points in a tightly contested season with a well struck goal after an Alex corner.

Semih Şentürk - 6.0

Opened up the defence by posing as another threat in attack, but didn't see any goal scoring opportunities for his troubles.

Deniz Barış - N/A

Uğur Boral - N/A

(Player Ratings & Commentary by Edis Koç)

(Note: Every player starts out the match with a rating of 6 points. Depending on how well they play, their rating either drops or goes up to a maximum 10 points.)

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Comments (27)

polat10 • 07:13 • December 13, 2009
Ozer Hurmaci - 93458408934859089043 hehe
ergin • 09:04 • December 13, 2009
I agree, Ozer played a great game. Furthermore, Ozer and Mehmet Topuz together in the midfield was an absolute lethal combination today. I really hope Ozer and Topuz get more starts together, like next week against Trabzonspor for instance... ;)
Kozak • 09:20 • December 13, 2009
Ah no. I hope Ozer and Topuz don't start together a lot. You guys give a lot of crap to Gokhan Gonul but what you don't realize is we played nobody on the right and Gokhan covers both those areas.
Aydan • 10:19 • December 13, 2009
nice job on the ratings I think that Özer Hurmacı and Alex are tied for men of the match though. He made a great save kicking the ball like that! On the other hand I am quickly losing respect for Carlos what he did today was ridiculous getting suspended on purpose like that I don't get it if he wanted to leave that badly he should just leave! I hope we will have TVU back soon because the feed I had was not very good at all man just when we find a decent link this sucks.
Edisk6 • 11:07 • December 13, 2009
yo peeps....if anyone here has been to a home game before....can you buy like the 3rd best tickets and then walk to the better ticketed area if the match isnt sold out....coz im going to the sheriff game and arent too keen on 265 TL would rather pay 215TL even though that still seems steep.
Kozak • 11:32 • December 13, 2009
In my AFL and A-League experiences you could do exactly that.
fb_fan • 11:43 • December 13, 2009
Ozer and Alex,top form!
Prisonbreak94 • 12:44 • December 13, 2009
4 for Gokhan? I think he displayed a pretty good performance. He was the one striving to make crosses and get the balls in. I would give at least a 6 to Gokhan. Ozer was great!
mehmet • 13:20 • December 13, 2009
Edis, I don't think that's possible man. Even though I haven't watched any game from the Fenerium Alt stands, I bet there are stewards everywhere.

I mean, if you're willing to pay 215TL why not pay 50TL more? You'll get the best seats in the house. It's not like you get this opportunity every week!
alex10 • 14:22 • December 13, 2009
to be honest i dont see the point of going to watch a football match at the stadium when you can watch in it in a nice warm house on the tele in HD definition that in the cold with all there people screaming evrey second its much more nicer to buy the digi turk box and watch it at home with some cay instead of paying 215 YTL/100 pounds for a match


anywazy good luck edis
Kozak • 14:56 • December 13, 2009
You have to be part of the atmosphere to truly understand what it feels like :) I thought the atmosphere we create at Sydney FC games are amazing so I imagine what it must be like at Fenerbahces games and burn with envy.
alex10 • 15:50 • December 13, 2009
in the january transfer season we should:
BUY one striker
BUY Ediz Bahtiyaroglu
BUY Sinan Bolat
BUY Jedinak
BUY Mehmet Cakir

SELL R.Carlos
SELL Ali Bilgin
SELL Deniz Baris
SELL Deivid De Souza
SELL Daniel Guiza(MAYBE)

then play like this for the rest of the season:
Sinan Bolat
Ediz Bahrityoglu
Onder Turaci
Ugur Boral
Mehmet Cakir
Daniel Guiza
Gokcek Vederson
fb_fan • 16:09 • December 13, 2009
What i want is this:

Gokhan-- Lugano --Bilica --Santos
------------Baroni --------------
----------- ----Emre-------------
alex10 • 17:05 • December 13, 2009
so kazim is better than semih fb_fan
JayJayOkocha • 17:11 • December 13, 2009
When Alex retires, it's clear that Ozer will take his spot. He'll do great, so for the left wing, we need this guy

And Aydin Karabulut :)
fb_fan • 17:17 • December 13, 2009
alex10,didnt say that!Honestly i think that Alex will retire very soon,so hs spot will be to Ozer and Kazim will do on the wing,but you know well that Daum loves Kazim and he will think a place for him!Thats why i hope its not Ozer's place ot Topuz'es!I even think that after Alex'es retirement the best line-up would be Semih and Kazim upfront!
Prisonbreak94 • 17:19 • December 13, 2009
@ Alex10 how can u say its better to watch a game at home than in kadıköy??! Are u insane?? Man, you have to go and see how great the atmosphere is, then talk about which one you prefer!
fb_fan • 17:20 • December 13, 2009
Hey Jay Jay that is a long shot,not bcz its impossible to buy him,but bcz he is really complicated temper and also a big risk considering his success away from native Partugal!

Otherwise i completely agree that his amazing!I love this guy especially 4 the way he kicks the ball with the out-side part of his foot!
JayJayOkocha • 17:32 • December 13, 2009
I think it's possible to get him. He knows the fans in Turkey. Infact, he was also open for Besiktas, but Mustafa Denizli told the board he don't want Quaresma.

He might have not been good in Chelsea and Inter like he was at Porto, but Chelsea and Inter are also 1 step higher then Fenerbahce. I'm sure at Fener he can reach his level he had at Porto, then he'd be of huge importance for us. I think with the love of the fans (He was very impressed by the BJK fans, he'll be the same with us) he will perform better.

Imagine him on the same wing as André Santos. Santos LB, Quaresma LM. Sick.
Kozak • 17:52 • December 13, 2009
The referees in the Denizli-Trabzon game were great. For once I saw the players shake the referees hands at the end of the game instead of running over and shouting at them.
griggsy • 18:35 • December 13, 2009
kozak i reckon the atmosphere at kadikoy is probably SFS times......200?
fener1907 • 19:51 • December 13, 2009
edisk6 believe atmosphere is amazing!!!! 1000TL so just pay!!! and no u cant just walk there!! when i was a teeneneger like 8 years ago i used to walk but then get caught and then get in trouble which is out of the stadium at those times but know they say abi cik burdan! lol
fb_fan • 20:44 • December 13, 2009
Jay Jay it would be Superb if it comes true!
bjkdeniz • 00:56 • December 14, 2009
The Selcuk and Baroni midfield doesn't work. Two holding middies together is idiotic, you'd think Daum would know better. And Ozer shouldn't be playing out wide. He played his best in the 2nd half drifting in the middle of the pitch.

I was unimpressed by both sides. Fener beat a very bad Ankaragucu.
Aydan • 09:45 • December 14, 2009
of course you are that's not surprising I wouldn't expect that a Bjk fan would support anything Fenerbahçe does.
remedy2000 • 18:51 • December 14, 2009
Selcuk only shows productivity when moving forward. Defensively he is shockingly bad. He has his moments and i think thats why he is still at fenerbahce, however he is not good enough in my opinion.
fb_thebest • 20:55 • December 15, 2009
yeh bjkdeniz knows better then Daum.

and you should have nothing to say about ozer hes great EVERYWHERE
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