Talented Youngster Özer Hurmacı Waiting For His Moment

Interview  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Tuesday, December 15, 2009 Picture

Fenerbahçe attacking midfielder Özer Hurmacı is counting the days when he will finally become a first-team regular. The 23-year-old recently spoke to Fenerbahçe Newspaper and stated that he was now ready to show his worth and prove himself on the pitch. "I'm an attacking midfielder that has the ability to change the scoreline at any moment of the game," Özer confidently said. Özer Hurmacı is likely to appear in the starting eleven in this week's UEFA Europa League fixture against Sheriff. 

Many have argued for him to get more playing time and have questioned Christoph Daum for not playing him, but it seems the fans may finally be getting their wish. Özer Hurmacı, a new season signing, has impressed the coaching staff and fans since his arrival but hasn't been able to break into the first team. His bench days seem to be coming to an end however, as Daum looks to introduce him into the starting lineup gradually.

Özer has, to delight of fans, put in a respectable performance every chance he has received. The latest chance of a starting position came in last weekend's game against MKE Ankaragücü. The youngster impressed everyone by owning his position. By the end of the game, the talented attacking midfielder had capped off his performance with a brilliant assist to his captain Alex de Souza. His efforts have led to Christoph Daum deciding to most likely start him against FC Sheriff Tiraspol on Thursday, as well as against Trabzonspor on the weekend. This will no doubt please the Fenerbahçe faithful.

Fenerbahçe legend Alex de Souza only had praise for the young midfielder after Saturday night's game. Alex had already labelled Özer as "better than Arda" and is sticking by his praise for the 23-year-old. After the final whistle against Ankaragücü, Alex remarked, "Özer did everything in the midfield, his assist was so perfect that I only had to tap the ball into the net.". Alex followed on by recognizing the problems that Christoph Daum now faced, "Of course, Daum has a problem now. He now has try make room for a player that obviously deserves to be on the pitch." Alex has been a mentor to Özer ever since his arrival at Fenerbahçe, even going as far as staying after practice sessions to train alone with the rising starlet.

Last week, Özer Hurmacı was able to speak to Fenerbahçe Newspaper about his aims, idols and his career to date. The Germany born, Turkish midfielder was asked about Aykut Kocaman, Alex de Souza, his playing position, his idols, the A Milli Takım and the 23-year-old even gave a New Year's message to his fans.

Q: How has Aykut Kocaman played a role in your footballing career?
A: I first came to meet Aykut Kocaman when I was only 19. I was brought on loan to Ankaraspor from the Third Division and from then on we always worked together. I can safely say that the 'Özer Hurmacı' you know today was Aykut Kocaman's work. He would always put his trust in me, so I would work harder and harder to make sure that his trust was not put to waste. Thanks to him I am at Fenerbahçe and I now owe him and the club a big debt which I look to fully repay.

Q: You play in the same team as Alex de Souza and it's well known that the captain favours you. How does this affect you, team-wise?
A: Alex is the best foreign player to have ever graced Fenerbahçe. He doesn't just produce great technique on the field, but his professionalism is also something that I have much to learn from. After every training session, I stay back with him and conduct separate training drills. He has given a lot to me in terms of football. I see him as a bigger brother. To play alongside him on the field is something that honours me. To play on the same team as him is a great motivation to myself.

Q: In Turkey, there is a big need for creative players in midfield. What about your attributes? During the game, you can use both of your feet very well. What do you think are your good and bad characteristics?
A: I don't see myself in only one position, I see myself as a footballer that can play in all areas of the midfield. I think I have the ability to change the scoreline at any moment of the game. I can openly say this, because of my strong self-confidence. Özer Hurmacı can play anywhere on the field, I will proove this in the near future. I have a lot of good characteristics, but my weakest point would be my very strong ambition to win. I haven't had enough opportunity to show this yet, but I'll be able to show this to the fans once I get more playing opportunities. Also, I cannot accept defeat. Ever since I was a small child, each time I lost I would not be able to shake off the stress for a few days. Of course this effects me negatively.

Q: After recovering from your injury, do you know feel completely fit?
A: I do feel ready to play, but the screw in my foot stings every time I jump or get into a challenge. The screw will be removed with an operation next summer and I will feel completely comfortable. 

Q: Do you have any idols in football? Who?
A: Of course I look up to some footballers as my idols. When I was young, because of my short height, my friends would compare me to Diego Maradona. As I grew older I started to look up to Zidane. I've also always thought Edgar Davids was a great player.

Q: When are we going to see you in the A Milli Takım?
A: When I am able to play five to six consecutive games for Fenerbahçe, only then I imagine will the doors to the National side open for me. I believe that I can do this. I see myself playing frequently for the A Milli Takım and hope to play an important role for the country. If I keep working hard then I will, one day, get my chance.

Q: Do you have a message to the fans, for the new year?
A: For me, 2009, was a unforgettable year, because I was transfered to Fenerbahçe. But also, it was a season filled with injuries. In 2010, my aim is to keep fit so I can keep playing and be an important player to the team. The President's promise is also our promise and we look to do our best in both the UEFA Europa League and the Turkcell Süper Lig. We face tough times ahead, but as a team we will struggle through. The supporters need to keep faith in this team and in myself.

(Article written by Sabit Kozak; Edited by Mehmet Pozam)

(Photo courtesy of Fenerbahce.org)

Comments (13)

mtHead • 16:33 • December 15, 2009
Although this article is about Ozer, I can not help but to have even more respect to King Alex. I don't know many footballers that would say this:
"Özer did everything in the midfield, his assist was so perfect that I only had to tap the ball into the net"
The Humility and grace of this guy on and off the field is what I want my son to look up to:
On the other hand we have complete opposite in K. Richards.

Can someone please translate this. http://www.ligtv.com.tr/Default.aspx?r=1&hid=65352
alex_hurmaci10 • 16:42 • December 15, 2009
mtHead those were som beautiful words you said for your son i hope your son is proud of you

p.s i think that alex and ozer MUST PLAY TOGETHER FROM NOW ON
fb_fan • 17:08 • December 15, 2009
I love u OZER!Stay with us 4 eva man!
GFBHollanda • 17:14 • December 15, 2009
Özer you are our biggest upcomming star!
alex_hurmaci10 • 17:43 • December 15, 2009

renatoribeiro • 18:06 • December 15, 2009
-----Gökhan--------------------------------Dos Santos
--------------------------------Alex (K)-------------
----------------Semih S.----------------------------

Best team for 2010
fb_fan • 18:18 • December 15, 2009
hey carlos3 new nickname ha :D
RisingSunOnEurope • 18:59 • December 15, 2009
i like cristian nd emre as our defensive mids.. our defense is sooo solid when they play together.. id like to see ozer out left alex attack mid and topuz out rite and kazim up front
WirSINDFenerbahce • 20:12 • December 15, 2009
Alex had already labelled Özer as "better than Arda" and is sticking by his praise for the 23-year-old

Im sure that comment will ruffle some feathers!

That's right "the One and Only Fenerbahce"
efe10 • 04:03 • December 16, 2009
ozer is da best man
Onur • 08:19 • December 16, 2009
what im pissed off about is that yes ozer is great and all but why the f*** does he get soooooo little playing time. its ridiculous
GFBHollanda • 17:01 • December 16, 2009
onur daum is ridiculous!
mkaymer • 18:10 • August 18, 2010
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