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Commentary  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Monday, December 21, 2009 Picture

Away games at Trabzon are always tough, but Fenerbahçe was able to keep calm and very cool on Sunday night as they took the Black Sea Storm down at the Avni Aker. Sunday's hero scored the only goal of the game, his seventh of the season and pushed the Yellow Canaries up to the top of the Turkcell Süper Lig standings. Fenerbahçe Worldwide Man of the Match: Dani Güiza.

Volkan Demirel - 6.5

If there has ever been a game we didn't need Volkan, this was that game. The keeper had nothing to do all game except kick and throw the ball out to his team mates. All of Trabzonspor's shots were off target, the closest to the target they came was when they hit the crossbar. Had a collision with Umut Bulut but was in the right as he had come in contact with the ball.

Gökhan Gönül - 7.0

A sign of return to form from the young Turkish full back. Played a good game, making good runs down his right wing and running back into defence when needed. Put in a great cross which unfortunately did not result to anything. The one match break seems to have helped him recover some of the form he had lost.

Diego Lugano - 7.0

Solid as a rock at the back. His partnership with Bilica has solidified and together they let nothing promising enter the penalty box. Annoyed Umut Bulut to no end and kept a good mark on Alanzinho. Made some poor decisions on a few of his clearances and passes but he is a defender whose primary job is to defend, in which he did a class job.

Fabio Bilica - 7.5

Fans are still asking for Fenerbahçe to make a defensive transfer better than Bilica, but honestly why replace what's already great? A tireless performance by the defender running everywhere in defence and even up in attack. Had a quiet time in defence, marking his opposition, clearing the ball. Attempted a diving header for goal but wasn't able to hit the ball on target.

André Santos - 7.0

Apart from a slight error in the opening minutes of the game, the full back had a rather quiet game in his position. Kept his area clear of any balls and made a few runs up the wing, but ultimately played the ball off to someone else. Although he doesn't have the pace of Carlos to run into attack, his defensive capabilities are arguably better. A welcome addition to the Canaries defensive line.

Cristian Baroni- 7.5

Does this man ever step a foot wrong? Another great game for the Brazilian defensive midfielder who should have at the least had an assist to his name. He did his best to contain the midfield and even played a creative role with plenty of passes to the attackers. Had a brilliant shot on goal that Onur could only push away from himself, but could have passed to Güiza who would have only had to tap it in.

 Emre Belözoğlu - 7.0

My hat goes off to this man. Even though he was still recovering from injury he came on the pitch and gave a respectable performance for 71 minutes. His close ball control confused anyone marking him and he constantly got the ball into the opposition's third.

Mehmet Topuz - 6.5

I guess you could say that he played a decent game. Wasn't a huge factor to the game but was still a consistent player on the field making decent passes and trying a long shot or two (that unfortunately rocketed above the post). Made a quick cross that had Bilica diving for the ball, but didn't result in anything.

Özer Hurmacı - 7.0

Didn't have a standout performance, but does that really matter? He looked a part of the team and played a good game which is all that should matter. Played a good game on the left wing, playing in passes and crosses whenever he could. Had a great lofted through ball to Güiza which was called for offsides and scuffed a great goalscoring chance by passing instead of shooting himself, but he could be excused as he doesn't exactly have the best shot.

Alex de Souza - 7.0

He did play a good game and he did make an assist, but I couldn't help but be disappointed at the legendary midfielder. In the early stages of the game, Alex looked to be in a great position to shoot for goal, but instead fell to the ground in search of a foul. Unfortunately for him the referee did recognize the dive and booked Alex for it. Should have had two assists but his lay off to Güiza was incredibly shot over the bar in front of an open goal. His assist was pure class as it rolled right in front of Güiza's feet waiting for the shot.

Dani Güiza - 8.0 (Man of the Match)

Always looked like he would score this match from the opening stages. Had an incredible shot in the fourth minute that I'm sure nobody thought he was capable of, it had me questioning whether it was Güiza. Did miss an open goal, but in the end he did make up for it. Was really the major factor in Fenerbahçe's game today. Countless times he easily passed Trabzonspor's defence only to be denied by the young and quick to react Trabzon keeper, Onur.

Semih Şentürk - 6.0

Filled Dani Güiza's role fine when he came on. Probably should have had a goal, but the pressure made him shoot it just over the bar.

Deniz Barış - N/A

I didn't really notice his impact on the game when he came on. 

Gökçek Vederson - N/A

Didn't have time to impact on the game, but did make a run down the wing, putting in a cross and attempted a long range shot which was blocked.

(Player Ratings & Commentary by Sabit Kozak)

(Note: Every player starts out the match with a rating of 6 points. Depending on how well they play, their rating either drops or goes up to a maximum 10 points.)

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Comments (18)

perlomental • 10:55 • December 21, 2009
volkan deserved ,more than that, cz in the only time he had to do something he made it perfectly
Lionel_Hurmaci • 12:34 • December 21, 2009
some facts:
top scorers
Minutes Played
Times of goal scored
1-15 16%
16-30 9%
31-45 9%
46-60 12%
61-75 9%
76-90 32%
fb_thebest • 15:56 • December 21, 2009

he might have missed an open goal but he did score the winning goal.
and guiza isent confident the shot where he had an open goal he threw himself on the floor before he took the shot but him scoring winning goals like this gives him confidence.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 16:00 • December 21, 2009
i cudnt care less how many times he misses an open long as he gets us those 3 points
fb_thebest • 16:07 • December 21, 2009
yeh thats what im saying lol
nathan • 16:46 • December 21, 2009
alexhurmaci10, you use that kind of language here and you get your posts deleted. We'll keep doing it unless you clean it up.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 16:50 • December 21, 2009
just get rid of've told him a gazilliion times
fb_fan • 17:30 • December 21, 2009
guiza scored,but he aint no man of the match!
alex_hurmaci10 • 18:10 • December 21, 2009
stfu lionel hurmaci you wanker who the fuck do you think you are ill get rid of you if you dont keep your litle trap closed
Lionel_Hurmaci • 18:39 • December 21, 2009
haha grow up
Aydan • 19:39 • December 21, 2009
Nathan is there a way for us to block out individual members? I am really getting sick and tired of alexhurmaci10's foul language and other immature behavior. It's clear he has no respect for rules he asks the same questions over and over again during the games even though we all have told him a thousand times at least where to find links. Now he goes after other members. I'm just fed up with him.
fb_fan • 20:05 • December 21, 2009
I agree with Aydan!Forget the cursing,he has desecrated FenerBahce's name too many times!
Temirov123 • 20:09 • December 21, 2009
That's the second time i've guessed the man of the match right!! Lol
alex_hurmaci10 • 20:16 • December 21, 2009
fine i guess your right they pay for this site and im really sorry Aydan and Nathan
polat10 • 20:29 • December 21, 2009
This comment is for alex_hurmaci

Is there something wrong with you? You are seriously thinking ozer isn't talented? Excuse my language but look here moron, ozer is going to be the future of this team, we are so lucky to get a guy this amazing at the age of 23. The man is young and is still learning, watch one day you are going to be amazed on his performances and you'll change your mind again about him for the millionth time. And hope you knew that emre was playing through an injury so that is why he wasn't doing as great as usual. Seriously think before you write down another useless comment like always.

P.S. your opinions on players are probably the dumbest things i have ever read in my life. Use your brain man, its not that hard. We all used to be like you when we were your age. Now we have all matured enough to not say stupid things, and you have not learned anything about that ever since you got in this website.

Enough Said.
alex_hurmaci10 • 20:41 • December 21, 2009
you well according to last night he looked more like a spastic polat be honest the passes were crap and also that chance he had in the 70th something minute come on and that postion all footballer who are proffesional know you dont pass at that sought of 7 metre angle you shoot if that was alex or kazim or emre or topuz or anyone else makr my words they would ahev taken a shot at it not pass it into a dead end so YOUR THE MORON

and btw if you are sorry for using langauge dont use anyway your typing not speaking
polat10 • 20:47 • December 21, 2009
First of all if your a smart player you would pass the ball to your open teammate to get an easier goal. Ozer could have shot it no doubt but he made an unselfish decision and tried to give semih and open net. Unless you think open net goals are stupid.

Thats like me saying o alex shouldn't have passed the ball to guiza when he missed that open net, alex was closer to the goal then ozer was but both of them again made an unselfish decision and gave the ball to guiza for a open net that guiza missed(i dont know how, ask him. One missed the goal and another could not retrieve the pass because the defender barely got a touch on the ball and that ruined the pass.

Know something about the game at least cause what your saying is making me laugh. Just keep focusing on our brazilian players because thats what we all see from you.
halilfb1907 • 07:48 • December 22, 2009
ozer is the future of fener. its simple as that.
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