Player Ratings - Ziraat Turkish Cup: Fenerbahçe 3-0 Altay

Commentary  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Thursday, December 24, 2009 Picture

Kadıköy's Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium got a glimpse of what Özer Hurmacı had in store for the Yellow Canaries in the coming years. The 23-year-old midfielder got a chance to play in the AMC position for the first time and he literally shined on the pitch. Two brilliant goals and an excellent command on the Fenerbahçe attack. Fenerbahçe Worldwide Man of the Match: Özer Hurmacı.

Volkan Babacan - 7.0

Confident performance by the young backup goalkeeper. Was from time and time bombarded by the young and swift Altay attack, but Babacan never really looked threatened. Did push out shots that Volkan Demirel could have possibly held, but could be forgiven as he still has a long career in front of him. Controlled the defensive side of Fenerbahçe well. Handled corner kicks and air balls well despite being a shorter keeper.

Bekir İrtegün - 7.5

A solid performance from the new transfer. He's exactly the right person who could threaten to take Gökhan Gönül's position if he plays a bad game. Made good runs down the right flank and his crosses had good aim, at one point finding Özer who chested it down to Semih whose shot was saved. Also played a good defensive game and as a result not many attacks were seen down his wing by the Altay players.

Diego Lugano - 8.0

Looked the most professional player on the pitch. Didn't set a foot wrong in his position and even managed to bring himself into attacking positions. At one point during an attack by Altay, he stood his ground and simply poked the ball away from the Altay attacker. Assisted Semih on a goal from an Özer corner that was called off for handball.

Fabio Bilica - 7.5

Hard working as ever and a solid performance as usual. His performance was not as professional as Lugano, but he did entertain the crowd with his ways in defense. The Brazilian centre back covered his area well, making important clearances and frustrating the opposition. Showboated a bit off his skills by scissor kicking a ball out of Fenerbahçe's final third to a round of applause.

André Santos - 7.0

Starting to look like the perfect replacement for Roberto Carlos. An absolute stunning performance in attack, but a less than average performance in defence. André and his quick feet had the Altay players backing off from the player, trying to anticipate his next move. Provided a great assist to Topuz who merely had to slide the ball in to the back of the net. Could have been tighter in defence but his constant role in attack led to a few breaks down his wing.

Mehmet Topuz - 7.5

One of the hardest working players on the pitch. He was seen everywhere, in attack, midfield and defence. His passing was great and almost always found his player. Assisted the first goal by heading down to Özer who coolly finished. Scored a goal from an André Santos assist and should have had another but his header hit the crossbar.

Deniz Barış - 7.0

Was playing perfectly throughout the game and it was surprising to see him come off. He was definitely one of the best players on the pitch in the first half. The midfielder showed no signs of his age as he skipped past the Altay players. Almost had a goal when a cross from Özer came into the box from the right wing, but could only hit it out due to great pressure from the Altay defenders.

Cristian Baroni - 8.5

The man that keeps on giving. Near perfect performance on the pitch. A constant nuisance to the Altay players in both attacking and defending positions. Stole the ball several times from the opposition and laid it off to the others. Had two great shots on goal which were both unbelievably saved by the young Altay keeper.

Uğur Boral - 7.0

Solid performance by the left wing player, but was it enough to convince Daum his worth of a starting eleven spot? Troubled Altay on the left wing throughout the game thanks to his strong build and incredible speed. Dribbled past the Altay players in the penalty box and crossed the ball in to Topuz who would drop the ball off to Özer for a goal. Almost had a goal for himself with a great curving header which the Altay keeper once again pushed out. Unfortunately, along with Santos, left the rest of the left wing open for counter attacks.

Özer Hurmacı - 9.5 (Man of the Match)

What more can I say about Özer that hasn't already been said? If anyone was worried about who would fill Alex's position once he had gone, those worries are definitely over now. A tireless and picture perfect performance by the attacking midfielder. Capped his performance with two stunning goals and deserved at least an assist from his perfectly placed balls to Semih. Özer isn't awarded a perfect score because he did lose the ball a few times, but other than that his performance was near perfection.

Semih Şentürk - 5.5

Out of form and weak. The Turkish striker has hit a bad run of form and it honestly doesn't look like it's about to end. Messed up his positions on countless times and fell to the stronger physique of the Altay players. Had one great shot on goal but really, it should have been a goal and not just a great shot on goal. Found himself in offside positions a few times. One of the other players (like Nihat) that has not been able to fully recover from the after effects of EURO 2008.

Deivid de Souza - 6.0

I can confidently say that I didn't feel he had any impact at all on the game with his presence. He had well over thirty minutes to show himself on the field, but he couldn't find himself in any important positions. Had a weak attempt at goal which rolled well off target, but was still applauded by the loving fans who knew the trouble he has gone through.

Ali Bilgin - 6.5

A substitute that did make his presence felt. He used his speed to race down the right wing and found himself in a great position to cross. If he had a point to prove Daum, he looked to have proved it in what time he had as he was a great introduction.

Abdülkadir Kayalı - N/A

Didn't have time to impact on the game. Nice to see the youngster getting some play time. Hopefully he'll blossom into our future successor of Emre Belözoğlu.

(Player Ratings & Commentary by Sabit Kozak)

(Note: Every player starts out the match with a rating of 6 points. Depending on how well they play, their rating either drops or goes up to a maximum 10 points.)

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Comments (22)

alex_hurmaci10 • 12:05 • December 24, 2009
no way a 9.5 for ozer ive never seen alex get a 9.5 on this site this year and hes been scoring 2 goals against clubs consistently hes our top goalscorer and top assister and he has never been given a 9.5 ozer should have a 8 or a 9

and STUNNING GOALS lol the first goal wascomplete luck it fluked in he hit it so bad it connected with the pitch first the second was a SICK GOAL THOUGH
Kozak • 12:09 • December 24, 2009
Alex has received a 10 before I'm sure of it.
alex_hurmaci10 • 12:11 • December 24, 2009
and how can you give mehmet topuz a 7.5 and ugur a 7.0 thats nonscene.HE SCORES 2 GOALS AGAINST A SECOND DIVISION TEAM CALLED ALTAY AND ALL OF YOU GUYS AS IF HES A LEGEND, WHILST STARS LIKE TOPUZ IS SOCRING FREE KICKS AGAINST FC TWENTE ALEX SCORING 2 GOALS AGAINST GALATSARAY OUR BIGGEST DERBY AND CRISITNA PLAYING LIEK A REAL LEGEND also ANDRE SANTOS HAS BEEN SCORING ALL THIS TIME AND BECAUSE OF HIM WE GOT PAST HONVED AND SION, also ugur boral was one of the most lively players on the pitch running evreywhere putting fantastic balls into the box and he gets a 2.5 level below ozer

alex_hurmaci10 • 12:14 • December 24, 2009
kozak alex has never got a 9.5-10 on this site if he has give me some evidence of him getting a 10 because no one has got a 10 before and alex ha never got a 9.5 and above mark my words
Kozak • 12:19 • December 24, 2009
Relax. If you want to know why I gave the scores I did read the article.
fb_fan • 12:23 • December 24, 2009
Alex my friend,get a life!
alex_hurmaci10 • 12:25 • December 24, 2009
i already do fb_fan
alex_hurmaci10 • 12:29 • December 24, 2009
but i kinda have to say credit to ozer he did play fantastic for his performance
macho-morten • 14:19 • December 24, 2009
Good job Kozak, I agree with pretty much everything!
alex_hurmaci10 • 14:23 • December 24, 2009
btw how can i do the player ratings in one game how do you do it do you have to ask nathan permission or something like that
Axessinho • 14:31 • December 24, 2009
Your retarded. This guy is the future. You can keep licking Alex's bumhole all you want but it aint gonna keep Ozer from playing.
GFBHollanda • 14:50 • December 24, 2009
Özer hurmaci 10 THE FUTURE STARTS NOW!!!
Fener_eniste • 15:49 • December 24, 2009
Wow dude...calm down...Nathan & Mehmet have already banned you once for foul language. I wish I was a mod, I'd simply ip ban you so you wouldn't offend people again. Anyway, that's neither here nor there...point is, this game was a proving ground for the youngsters...give the guy some credit.
alex_hurmaci10 • 16:27 • December 24, 2009
Fenrr_eniste i hope you were talking to axessinho becuase this time i didnt swear
Axessinho • 17:46 • December 24, 2009
Why do you hate Turks? Everytime we say a Turk is better or can be better than Alex you defend him like he's your brother..
polat10 • 19:31 • December 24, 2009
o my god just shut up the ratings are based on opinions, honestly your so stupid at times.

you guys gave ozer the right rating. and gave the rest of our squad the right ratings.

good job kozak!
kralex_souza • 20:06 • December 24, 2009

yeh santos got us past,
topuz scored a free kick,
alex scored 2 goals to 6s,
but these rating are for THIS GAME and you cant say second division team altay a match is a match you have to win all and yeh cristian does run around alot and do alot of defense but you cant win agame by defending ozer hurmaci deserves that rating
alex_hurmaci10 • 20:09 • December 24, 2009
maybe ur right i guess he does deserve to play more often im just being selfish and stupid and im sorry for saying evreything i said i really am sorry guys

do you except my apology
perlomental • 20:19 • December 24, 2009
i was out all day today, so i couldnt comment,
i kinda like ozer, but he is a snob and thats for sure, i can recall him saying : i am a mid that change the score any minute in the match, but thats not the thing now, he doesnt deserve more than 9, he lost the ball a lot and stayed sleeping for like 30 minutes, until he scored..... and plz, ugur 7? 7?
u gotta be kiddin me! the guy was the best on the field, assisted the goal made excellent crosses from his flank and GREATTT ball control skills.....
efe10 • 23:42 • December 24, 2009
goood ratings.
ozer deserves that. he is the best
kralex_souza • 23:59 • December 24, 2009
apology acepted :)
mkaymer • 01:28 • August 19, 2010
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