Diyarbakırspor Joins Ranks of Relegated Following Week 33

Turkcell Super Lig  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Picture

The Turkcell Süper Lig title chase is coming down to the final weekend, but we now know which teams will be making the drop.  Diyarbakırspor cemented their place in Bank Asya 1. Lig over the weekend, where they will join Denizlispor and Ankaraspor.  Just a year after finishing second, Sivasspor can now breathe a huge sigh of relief, knowing they'll be back next season.  Here is a look around the league from the second-to-last weekend:

With just the final weekend remaining, only the championship is left to be decided.  It will come down to Fenerbahçe and Bursaspor for the crown.  Fenerbahçe are at home hosting Trabzonspor - a team they lost to less than a week ago.  The Yellow Canaries are a point up in the standings, so they need a win against the Black Sea Storm to ensure the championship.  Fener kept their place at the top with a convincing 3-0 win over Ankaragücü on the road on Sunday. 

Bursaspor are at home this Sunday, but their task won't be easy.  They're hosting Beşiktaş in a must-win for the Green Crocs.  The Black Eagles will also be looking to end their season on a high note, however, after a dismal end to what was once a promising campaign.  They'll finish either third or fourth in the league, pending the Galatasaray result, after once leading the table.  Bursa earned an automatic three points over the weekend due to a scheduled fixture with now-relegated Ankaraspor. 

Bursaspor, on the other hand, do not control their own fate.  They need points combined with some help from Trabzonspor.  Both the Bursaspor and Fenerbahçe matches kick off at 20:00 on Sunday, so there won't be much time for score-checking from either side. 

While the championship is yet to be decided, we do know which teams will be relegated.  Denizlispor and Ankaraspor will be joined by Diyarbakırspor, who sealed their fate over the weekend.  Diyarbakırspor needed to win their final two matches, then hope Sivasspor would drop points.  Instead, Diyarbakır suffered a 1-0 loss to Kasımpaşa, which doomed them to the second level of Turkish football.  An 86th minute goal broke their hearts, as Diyarbakır will play their 2010-2011 campaign in Bank Asya 1. Lig.  They'll join Denizlispor and Ankaraspor there, who were previously relegated.  Sivasspor are safe with just a week left.  Last season's runners-up pulled out a 1-1 draw with Eskişehirspor over the weekend.

Here are all the results from Turkcell Süper Lig Week 33:

Friday, May 7th:

Beşiktaş 2 - 0 Manisaspor

Saturday, May 8th:

Gaziantepspor 1 - 1 Gençlerbirliği

Galatasaray 1 - 2 Antalyaspor

Sunday, May 9th:

Kayserispor 1 - 1 İBBSpor

Kasımpaşa 1 - 0 Diyarbakırspor

Ankaragücü 0 - 3 Fenerbahçe

Eskişehirspor 1 - 1 Sivasspor

Monday, May 10th:

Trabzonspor 2 - 1 Denizlispor

Here's a look at the current league standings following Turkcell Süper Lig Week 33:

  GP W D L GF GA + / - P
1.FENERBAHÇE 33 23 4 6 60 27 33 73
2.BURSASPOR 33 22 6 5 63 25 38 72
3.GALATASARAY A.Ş. 33 19 7 7 60 33 27 64
4.BEŞİKTAŞ A.Ş. 33 18 10 5 46 23 23 64
5.TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. 33 16 8 9 52 31 21 56
6.BÜYÜKŞEHİR BLD.SPOR 33 15 8 10 44 44 0 53
7.ESKİŞEHİRSPOR 33 14 10 9 42 34 8 52
8.KAYSERİSPOR 33 14 9 10 45 33 12 51
9.ANTALYASPOR A.Ş. 33 13 7 13 45 38 7 46
10.GENÇLERBİRLİĞİ 33 11 11 11 36 34 2 44
11.MKE ANKARAGÜCÜ 33 9 13 11 36 37 -1 40
12.KASIMPAŞA 33 10 10 13 50 53 -3 40
13.GAZİANTEPSPOR 33 9 12 12 37 38 -1 39
14.MANİSASPOR 33 8 12 13 27 34 -7 36
15.SİVASSPOR 33 8 9 16 39 56 -17 33
16.DİYARBAKIRSPOR 33 6 9 18 28 52 -24 27
17.DENİZLİSPOR 33 6 7 20 29 48 -19 25
18.ANKARASPOR A.Ş. 33 0 0 33 0 99 -99 0

Here is the final list of fixtures for Turkcell Süper Lig Week 34:

Saturday, May 15th:

Denizlispor vs. Gaziantepspor - 19:00

Antalyaspor vs. Kayserispor - 19:00

Diyarbakırspor vs. Eskişehirspor - 19:00

Sivasspor vs. Ankaragücü - 19:00

Sunday, May 16th:

Manisaspor vs. Kasımpaşa - 18:00

Gençlerbirliği vs. Galatasaray - 20:00

Bursaspor vs. Beşiktaş - 20:00

Fenerbahçe vs. Trabzonspor - 20:00

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Comments (18)

ergin • 07:20 • May 11, 2010
Good, I'm glad Diyarbakır has been relegated. They have the dirtiest most disrespectful fans out there. Period.
Fener_eniste • 07:22 • May 11, 2010
Lucky Sivas...
Memz • 11:38 • May 11, 2010
thats a good thing!
GFBHollanda • 11:47 • May 11, 2010
iewlll Diyarbakir yakkk!
GFBHollanda • 13:23 • May 11, 2010

Macaristan'ın tek günlük spor gazetesi olan Nemzetisport, bugün kendi internet sitesinde yayınladığı manşet haberinde, ''Fenerbahçe, PSV'li Macar futbolcu Balazs Dzsudzsak ile anlaştı'' diye yazdı.

Nemzetisport, futbolcunun Macar menajeri Jozsef Vörösbaranyi'nin transfer ile ilgili kendilerine açıklamalarda bulunduğunu ve haberi doğruladığını yazdı.

Haberde, menajer Vörösbaranyi'nin Fenerbahçe'nin Dzsudzsak ile ilgilendiğini doğrulayarak, ''Transferle ilgili net bir şey söylemem için henüz erken, ancak Macar futbolcunun bu teklife çok sıcak baktığını, fakat PSV'nin bonservis ücreti olarak 12 milyon avro istemesinin transferi kilitlediğini söyleyebilirim'' açıklamasına yer verilirken, olayın bir kaç hafta içinde netlik kazanacağı belirtildi.

Nemzetisport, yıldız futbolcunun Macaristan'da yaşayan Türk vatandaşı çok yakın bir arkadaşı ile görüştüğünü, Fenerbahçe'nin Dzsudzsak'a yıllık 2,5 milyon avro önerdiğinin bu kişiden öğrenildiğini de yazdı.

Hollanda'nın PSV Eindhoven takımında oynadığı futbol ile Avrupa'nın ünlü takımlarının transfer listesine giren kanat oyuncusu Balazs Dzsudzsak'ın bugünlerde Brezilya'da tatil yaptığı, Fenerbahçe'de oynamaktan büyük mutluluk duyacağı belirtildi.

Very Very good player!!!
Temirov123 • 13:37 • May 11, 2010
yea he is
Temirov123 • 13:41 • May 11, 2010

hahahaha watch this
Onur • 13:53 • May 11, 2010
guys don't worry we have the league in the bag. The cup final loss against Trabzon was obviously rigged so we can beat Trabzon on the last week to win the league.

btw COME ON CHHEELLSSEEAAAA!!!!!! champions 09/10 and we won it in style, 8-0 v wigan :D
YALLLAHHH • 15:45 • May 11, 2010
i dont want to hear about chelsea bs on FENERBAHCE FANS WEBSITE. take that crap elsewhere. TRUE FENERBAHCE FANS DONT SUPPORT ANY OTHER TEAMS. 1 AND ONLY, F-E-N-E-R-B-A-H-C-E
Temirov123 • 15:56 • May 11, 2010
YEs ^

especially CHELSEA
remedy2000 • 15:56 • May 11, 2010
Chelsea played a great game, was 100% a joy to watch their attacking football. Shame they got dumped out the champs league, they can beat any of europe's best teams. Drogba with Keita in the Ivory Coast team will be amazing to watch in the world cup.

As for Diyabakirspor, good riddance. Terrible team with the worst fans. The prestige and respect the TSL commands only increases when a team like that is removed from it.
perlomental • 20:39 • May 11, 2010
andre santos was officially not included in brazil squad, but elano was included.
other players left out: ronaldinho, adriano, alexndre pato, roberto carlos.
Memz • 20:56 • May 11, 2010
Dunga is a strange coach - Santos has Bastos above him so i can understand that choice but the choice of taking Elano - Kleberson - Felipe Melo above krAlex and Ronaldinho? prob they just have a good relationship.
fenerbahce4life • 21:10 • May 11, 2010
Dunga is dumb, andre santos, ronaldinho, adriano, pato, how can you not have these players and instead you take elano.
bjkdeniz • 21:24 • May 11, 2010
I was shocked to see Andre Santos not get the call up. He's been great for Fener all season, one of the best foreigners in the league. Elano on the other hand.....
madturk • 21:52 • May 11, 2010
I have been gone from Turkey for a long time and I was pretty much out of touch in the seventies and eighties :-).
Thus, I did not see the heyday of Trabzon. Since the advent of the net (I tell you guys, I am old!) it's been possible to keep in touch and even watch a lot of games.

Looking at the finishes the last couple of years, it's obvious that some of the Anatolian teams get a lot for their money compared to the big three. (notice I say big three, because as far as I am concerned, the big three don't care all that much about the Cup which is the only place where Trabzon has had any success in recent decades). Presuming Bursa can hang on to some of its young players, they should be back again next year. Looks like Trabzon will go off and waste some more money. I think the second tier team (other than Bursa) to watch for will be the Istanbul Belediye team. They have been slowly climbing up in recent years and if they have any sort of a decent youth program, they will be competing for the fourth European spot soon. Can anyone in Istanbul tell me what sort of support they draw? There must be some fanbase for teams like Belediye and Kasimpasa....

Frankly, I miss teams like Istanbulspor and going back a long time, Sariyer, Beyogluspor. It's also a bit depressing for Izmir not to have any representation. Maybe either Altay or Karsiyaka will make it up through the third-place qualification series....
I always thought that some of the Izmir teams (Altay, Karsiyaka, Izmirspor, Goztepe, Altinordu) should have merged a long time ago in order to have a much stronger fanbase and gotten themselves into the top flight a long time ago. I guess they all have long histories, and it's tough to give up the identity.
ergin • 00:14 • May 12, 2010
I completely agree with bjkdeniz, Elano has been out of form for a while and Santos is a great player. The one thing I can maybe see though is that Santos just injured his knee and even though it will probably be better in time for the world cup (maybe even by this weekend) I think Dunga doesn't want to risk bringing a newly healed player to the WC.

Whether Bastos and others are better than Santos at the LB position is questionable. The guy's got amazing footwork and a good vision of the game and plays his position very well.
Onur • 12:08 • May 13, 2010
@yallah just coz u hate chelsea dnt act like your defending fener. that proves you support another team other than fener yourself.
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