Fener Ready to Make History With Legendary Striped Shirt

Commentary  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Friday, May 14, 2010 Picture

In just two days, Fenerbahçe will embark on a colossal match against Trabzonspor which has the potential to lead the Yellow Canaries to their 18th championship. The club management issued an official statement on Friday afternoon, underlining the historical and sociocultural importance of Fenerbahçe's legendary striped shirt. "Supporters in the stands and fans all around the world, let's all wear our striped shirts on matchday; we will make history once again," read the statement. 


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Fenerbahçe Sports Club is our striped shirt. Our Yellow & Navy Blue striped shirt is our common sign that distinguishes us from all the others and makes people all around the world say "Fenerbahçe". It is the sacred symbol of all the sweat, efforts and even all the blood that has been spilled -if necessary- by all our athletes dating back from our club's foundation to present day. It is our sacred striped shirt worn by our supporters, the 12th man, that gets wet under the rain, gets parched under the sun, helps us become one with the athletes on the pitch; in short, helps us unite as one heart.

It is our striped shirt that has become part of the hope, pride, joy and sadness of everyone -every worker and farmer, old and young- that has fallen in love with it across borders, all over the world and in every point of our country from Edirne to Ardahan. Together we cry, we rejoice and we never abandon it. It is our striped shirt that shares the history of our club members that have been martyred in our War of Independence and the sacred blood of Turkish soldiers which has been spilled on it.

Today, our striped shirt should be worn by everyone of us when we witness this season finale that we embark on with many efforts given by our athletes, coaches, administrators, supporters - in short, with the common effort given by our whole community. Those who have thrown unbelievably shameful slander to our club and community, who have attacked us, who have underestimated our efforts, must see that we are all united as one with the striped shirt that we all wear.

Fenerbahçe fans, we only have 90 minutes left, let's all wear our striped shirt on matchday, let's support our players on the pitch from the stands with our striped shirt. You will see that at the end of the 90 minutes, our athletes on the pitch, our supporters in the stands and fans all around the world wearing their striped shirts, we will all be one heart and will make history once again.

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Temirov123 • 22:45 • May 14, 2010
No not that shirt! It will bring us bad luck!
ergin • 23:05 • May 14, 2010
Temirov what the hell are you talking about? What a weird thing to say. We've worn the stripped shirt always at home and this season we've won 13 games at home, lost 2 and tied 1. How is that bad luck??
GFBHollanda • 23:23 • May 14, 2010
Co-sign ergin. Its our blood! The white shirt is bad luck! But not the legendary shirt!
berkan8gulsen • 01:08 • May 15, 2010
anything that is the opposite color of fenerbahce is bad luck. for example the colors like white , black, or neon is bad luck.. but the yellow and blue stripe is the original legend jersey. ;))))
polat10 • 01:13 • May 15, 2010
im really not getting this legendary stripped shirt thing, isn't it just our yellow and blue uniforms from this year?
WirSINDFenerbahce • 01:29 • May 15, 2010
What I think he meant is those are the 08/09 jerseys that Fener finished 4th in!
polat10 • 01:30 • May 15, 2010
i know that picture meant the jerseys from last year, but just the legendary part is confusing me, aren't we just wearing this years yellow and blue on sunday?
WirSINDFenerbahce • 01:31 • May 15, 2010
ergin • 02:23 • May 15, 2010
Polat the yellow and blue stripes have been with Fenerbahce for decades...
polat10 • 03:30 • May 15, 2010
ergin, i know that lol but i thought they were gonna wear a different type of yellow and blue on sunday.
Aydan • 06:05 • May 15, 2010
lolI'm glad we glared that one up plat you were beginning to worry me mate because this is my first season and even I know the story behind the shirts. I can't say I agree with you calling the shirts stupid though I don't think it's stupid its its tradition man it's what links generation to generation of yellow canaries so that even new fans like me have that connection to the history of Fenerbahçe. Anyway this has been an amazing first season for me.
polat10 • 10:38 • May 15, 2010
lol i've known about the yellow and blue since i was first a fenerbahce fan, but when i read this article i thought they were gonna wear a sari lacivert uniform from back in the day. not this years lol
Lionel_Hurmaci • 13:03 • May 15, 2010
Manchester united did that recently with those old retro red shirts remember?
griggsy • 13:08 • May 15, 2010
the classic vertical sari lacivert forma is always the best one each year despite all the variations. I'll be wearing mine on Sunday, it's the 2007/08 Sari-lacivert with the championship badge, the one we wore in the champions league. Love it!
Lionel_Hurmaci • 13:26 • May 15, 2010
Oh so that badge with the turkish flag is the championship badge?
Lionel_Hurmaci • 13:28 • May 15, 2010
but yes i have the 2007/08 forma...that must the nicest home shirt we've ever had
macho-morten • 19:04 • May 15, 2010
That's right, Lionel. I'm getting the next forma with a Turkish flag on it, that's for sure. Hopefully in just a few months!
WirSINDFenerbahce • 21:13 • May 15, 2010
The Turkish flag badge is the Championship badge. The winner of the Super Lig wears it the following season.
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