Turkcell Süper Lig Title Up For Grabs in Final Weekend

Turkcell Super Lig  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Saturday, May 15, 2010 Picture

It's been a long season, full of ups and downs for many of the clubs in the Turkcell Süper Lig.  But heading into the final weekend, only one thing is left to be decided:  the 2009-2010 Turkcell Süper Lig champion.  Week 34 in the league gets underway Saturday, but all eyes will be focused on two matches Sunday - one in Bursa, and one in Istanbul. 

The Turkcell Süper Lig comes to a close this weekend after 34 league matches.  The 2009-2010 season saw Denizlispor and Diyarbakırspor both relegated, while former league powers Ankaraspor made the unusual drop early in the season due to managerial violations in the club. 

Last year's runners-up Sivasspor barely survived being relegated themselves, completing a bizarre collapse in less than a year's time.  League giants Galatasaray and Beşiktaş have both been out of contention for virtually the entire month of May, but the biggest storyline involves one that will be decided Sunday.  Bursaspor, with some help from Trabzonspor, can become the first non-Istanbul team to win the league since Trabzon did it in 1983.  It would be the first championship in club history if Bursa can pull it off.

Although just a point out of first place, the odds are against Bursa.  They need a win and some help from Trabzon.  Although they are depending on a win by the Black Sea Storm, a Bursaspor victory is not a given either.  They host Beşiktaş, who would love to close out their disappointing season with a victory. 

While Bursa have a shot at the title, everything depends on what happens in Istanbul Sunday night.  Fenerbahçe can win their 18th league title with a victory Sunday.  The atmosphere at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium will be electric, as more than 200,000 fans applied for just over 25,000 available tickets for Sunday's match.  The Yellow Canaries will need the backing of their home fans against a fierce Trabzon squad.  The Black Sea Storm are confident that they can help their brethren in Bursa pull out the championship, since Trabzon just defeated Fener last week.  Still, it will be difficult for Trabzon to overcome a stadium packed with the greatest fans in the world. 

Eight games are on the schedule this weekend, but six of them are mere formalities leading up to Sunday's two games with title implications.  There will be four matches Saturday, including Diyarbakırspor's final match in top-flight football, which will be played in an empty stadium yet again.  Here is a look at the full list of fixtures for the final weekend in the Turkcell Süper Lig season:

Saturday, May 15th:

Denizlispor vs. Gaziantepspor - 19:00

Sivasspor vs. Ankaragücü - 19:00

Diyarbakırspor vs. Eskişehirspor - 19:00

Antalyaspor vs. Kayserispor - 19:00

Sunday, May 16th:

Manisaspor vs. Kasımpaşa - 16:00

Bursaspor vs. Beşiktaş - 20:00

Gençlerbirliği vs. Galatasaray - 20:00

Fenerbahçe vs. Trabzonspor - 20:00

Comments (32)

Fener_eniste • 06:08 • May 15, 2010
Lets get that 18th TSL championship win!
kezza • 07:03 • May 15, 2010
I'm supporter of fenerbahce in guney kore.
Good luck fener. We can make it!
mehmet • 08:15 • May 15, 2010
Wow, we have Fenerbahçe fans even in South Korea... That's awesome! Welcome to Fenerbahçe Worldwide, Kezza!
GFBrandon • 08:18 • May 15, 2010
Aydan • 08:24 • May 15, 2010
I really hope we win and I hope you guys will be teaching me how to celebrate my first championship with Fenerbahçe! Regardless it has been a great experience for me especially after joining the team fan base well into the second half of last season. I can say I am now Feneril for life! Mehmet & Nathan you guys are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and thank you to the whole FBWW community you guys are awesome! I hope I will be able to enjoy many more seasons and championship with Fenerbahçe and FBWW!
tek_buyuk • 08:40 • May 15, 2010
I was driving down M St. in Washington, DC and someone saw my license plate (FBAHCE1) and pulled up next to me. I rolled down my window and he started yelling "Uc gun sonra sampiyonuz" (we are champions in 3 days). Get ready gentlemen!
RisingSunOnEurope • 08:43 • May 15, 2010
thats awesome tek .. fener fans are everywhereeee
Aydan • 09:09 • May 15, 2010
that's really cool tek
Aydan • 09:20 • May 15, 2010
Ha tek you mean LADIES and gentlemen no way you're leaving us out of the celebration!
GFBHollanda • 11:49 • May 15, 2010
Süper Alman'a talibiz

15 Mayıs 2010 Cumartesi * 09:56

Transfer hamlelerini büyük bir gizlilik içinde sürdürme çabasında olan Fenerbahçemiz her an bombaları patlatabilir...

Bir yandan şampiyonluğa koşarken diğer yandan da transfer hamlelerini büyük bir gizlilik içinde sürdürme çabasında olan Fenerbahçemiz'in, Glasgow Rangers'ın 27 yaşındaki golcüsü Kris Boyd için temaslarını yoğunlaştırdığı ayrıca Werder Bremen'in genç yıldızı Marko Marin'in de listede olduğu iddia edildi.
Almanların yetenekli kanat oyuncusu Marko Marin!

Türkiye Gazetesi'nin haberine göre; Alman Milli Takımı'nda da forma giyen Marin'in kulübüyle 2013'e kadar sözleşmesi bulunuyor. 21 yaşındaki orta saha oyuncusu her iki kanatta da görev yapabiliyor. Marin'in en büyük özelliği ise inanılmaz sürati. 12 milyon euro bonservis bedeli olan genç yıldız Avrupa'nın birçok büyük kulübünün de transfer listesinde.

Bu arada, “Türk Messi” olarak lanse edilen Denizlispor'un 15 yaşındaki oyuncusu Recep Niyaz'ın menajeri Erdil Arpacı, “Opsiyon hakkı F.Bahçe'de. Eğer F.Bahçe sözünü tutarsa Recep sarı-lacivertli formayı giyecek” dedi.

Insallah I pray to God let him come please!!! I follow him as much as I can but I tought FB could never ever have him. Marin is the new Alex. Very smart player with so much technique! Insallah is this true!

Subs: Cenk, Bekir, Ugur, Topuz, Emre, Özer, Kazim
Reserve: Volkan, Önder, Selcuk, Gökhan Ünal, Vederson

Guiza- 10 Mil
Christian- 3Mil
Deivid- 3Mil
Bilica- 1Mil
Deniz-Ali-Alex (corribita)
=17 Milioun
Biabiany- 5 Milioun
Hamit: Free
Godin: 8 Milioun
Obertan: 5 Milioun
Marin: 12 Milioun
Balasz: 10 Milioun
= 40 Mil - 17Mil = 23 Milioun to spend
I calculated the numbers thanks to Transfermarkt.de Some players have only 2 years left on there contract, or they may leave at there club. We play Champions League dont forget that! And we can offer salary that no clubs cant.

Lugano plays for Fenerbahce with the next season 4 years in Turkey. They have to give him a passport other whise dont buy Godin but Serdar Tasci
Lionel_Hurmaci • 13:00 • May 15, 2010
i just saw so me vids of marin..he i so good...is it a case of getting either dszuszsak or marin....or are we rumoured to get both of them?
Lionel_Hurmaci • 13:16 • May 15, 2010
Getting Godin wud be awesome...a Uruguayan partnership with Lugano!
JayJayOkocha • 15:48 • May 15, 2010
Seems like we raised our bid for Suarez to 22 million, but Ajax wants 25. Just give Kazim with it. Suarez >>> Marin anyday. Suarez can play on both flanks and in striker position. Get Godin first, and you'll have Lugano and Godin, would be easier to get Suarez.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 15:52 • May 15, 2010
is it official that we want Godin?
JayJayOkocha • 16:05 • May 15, 2010
We're linked with him for some time now. I heard his contract was expiring and we want him.
GFBHollanda • 16:11 • May 15, 2010
Suarez is a striker and marin is atacking midfielder. If you have Lugano and Godin then Suarez will follow and maybe forlan 2...
Lionel_Hurmaci • 16:14 • May 15, 2010
why give kazim for suarez?...why not guiza...as from what i hear we're are gonna be getting a few foreigners so we might as well clear some space.
perlomental • 16:30 • May 15, 2010
why Guiza...
Heres my plan: Get Kazim back, keep Guiza, sell Deived, get an attacking mid (who can be able to fill for Alex); this attacking mid can be Ozan Ipek, Volkan Sen, Serdar Ozkan or some other young Turkish guy for this spot. So now we have 2 foreign spots, we buy a foreign defender who is really really good + we sell bilica, so we still have 2 foreign spots, just for defensive back up get some turkish defender like Ediz or Koray + there a lot we can get. Now, with the 2 foreign spots, we get a young defensive midfielder, like 18 or something from Afirca (usually transfers in africa are cheaper than in europe) and we let him play as a sub for emre and crisitian, in that way in like 5 years, when cristian is like 31-32 and emre is retired or near retirement we have a good player to fill the gap. now with the last foreign spot we get a striker like suarez, helmes or someone whos strong and young... so now we have a full squad.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 16:39 • May 15, 2010
rumors saying semih to ajax......so maybe suarez for semih
YALLLAHHH • 16:45 • May 15, 2010
i dont get why fener wouldnt take the two trophies. but instead make a pussy deal to give one and take tsl. if this really is the case, it proves that aziz has no trust and faith in fenerbahce. have you heard any of the big european teams doing this? they take every trophie they can get.
WirSINDFenerbahce • 21:10 • May 15, 2010
Are we talking about Humberto Suarez the "Chileno" from Zaragoza? Havent seen him much but he tore up the Mexican League. Marko Marin is a fantastic talent. I doubt he'd come to Turkiye. I dont want to see Kazim as part of a transfer for another player. I saw a video from Kozak on Dszuszsak, he looks like the real deal! His runs and gol's with PSV were electric!
Lionel_Hurmaci • 21:16 • May 15, 2010
no suarez of ajax and uruguay
perlomental • 21:16 • May 15, 2010
this guy
Kozak • 21:35 • May 15, 2010
Oh jeeze...guys..

Suarez? Obertan? Marin? Godin?

Could you guys be realistic for a minute..I know we are the "mighty fenerbahce" but please, for a minute be realistic. Those players play for better teams than us...Teams that have gone further than round of 32 in the UEFA CUP, teams that have gone further then the quarter finals of the champions league, teams that are more prestigious. They would not come to us.

We can bid 25 million for Suarez, but you know what? Its ultimately up to the player where he wants to play and why the hell would he choose Fenerbahce over Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal, Madrid etc.????

Galatasaray have bigger chances of signing those players than us..Despite having the power and pull in Turkey, we do not have the same power or pull in Europe. Galatasaray still have a big advantage over us when it comes to signing players.
perlomental • 21:52 • May 15, 2010
You make total sense Kozak, but remember; money talks!
WirSINDFenerbahce • 22:04 • May 15, 2010
Seriously lets sign Dszuszsak! He might not be as well known as those players, but the final product is fantastic!
WirSINDFenerbahce • 22:11 • May 15, 2010
Damn,74 Gol's in 97 appearences is impressive. Suarez must be good!
WirSINDFenerbahce • 23:11 • May 15, 2010
Correction: It's Huberto Suazo the "Chileno" from Zaragoza*
JayJayOkocha • 23:24 • May 15, 2010
No guys, we're talking about LUIS SUAREZ, not Humberto Suarez. Suarez admitted he got a offer from Fener in summer of 2008 but wasn't ready to move from Ajax. He was there just a season at that time. Also in the winter transferwindow we appearantly contacted Ajax. According to many sources Ali Koc and Aykut Kocaman were both seen at the Amsterdam ArenA.

We got Guiza. Yes, he aint' what we expected, but look further then just that. He came as the topscorer of PRIMERA DIVISION, the best league together with the PL. WE bought the PD topscorer. If WE can get a player of that status, Suarez can come to.

The Dutch football ain't what it was anymore. Dzsudzsak says himself he wants to play for Fener, while PSV is close to a deal with Stuttgart. He choses Fener over Stuttgart. That while Dzsudzsak always talked about leaving PSV for clubs like Real,Atletico,Valencia,Arsenal etc

We can get Suarez, no doubt. Ajax loses to teams like Kopenhagen in qualifications for CL, they might have a great history but that's it. Ajax is no big club. We have enough money to buy their entire squad, not Suarez only. By the way, after the Alfonso Alves,Huntelaar and Kezman failure non of the clubs in the league of Chelsea/United/Barca will pay the money Ajax is asking for. Scoring in the Eredivisie is easier then in Bank Asya. They probably have the worst defence in all of Europe.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 23:44 • May 15, 2010
Dzsudzsak want fener over stuttgart because he sed himself that he wants CL football
Temirov123 • 01:08 • May 16, 2010
That's right Dz u want to be in our squad
Fener_eniste • 09:33 • May 16, 2010
@ Tek...hey dude...I am living in the DC area...I sent you a message.
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