FBWW's Mehmet Pozam to Appear on BBC Radio Show

FBWW in the Media  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Thursday, May 27, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe Worldwide Executive Editor Mehmet Pozam will be a special guest panelist Thursday on BBC World Service Radio's 'Europe Today.'  The show will talk about the Euro 2016 bid, comprised of a panel representing the three finalists - Turkey, Italy, and France.  Pozam will discuss Turkey's bid and why the time has come for the country to host their first European championship.  Fans can listen to the show live online as Pozam represents Turkey on the panel. 

Mehmet Pozam, Executive Editor of Fenerbahçe Worldwide, will be one of three guest panelists on BBC World Service Radio's 'Europe Today' program.  One of the topics on Thursday's program will be the Euro 2016 bid, which will be announced Friday in Switzerland.  Turkey is one of three finalists to host the competition, along with France and Italy. 

Pozam will represent Turkey in the discussion, focusing on why the country is the most viable candidate to host the prestigious European championship.  Turkey has never before hosted the competition.

The British Broadcasting Corporation World Service is one of the largest international broadcasters in the world, currently broadcasting in 32 languages around the globe.  In June 2009, the BBC reported that World Service's average weekly audience had reached 188 million people. 

Thursday's program will be live at 19:00 Turkish time (12 Noon EST in the U.S.; 5 PM in the U.K.) and will last approximately one hour.  Fans can listen to the show live online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/audioconsole/?stream=live.  The show will also be posted online after its completion at http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/news/2009/03/000000_europe_today.shtml

Comments (18)

macho-morten • 00:36 • May 27, 2010
This is huge... 188 million people? Holy crap!
nathan • 00:48 • May 27, 2010
he has more facebook friends than that ;)
fb_fan • 00:56 • May 27, 2010
Man look where FBWW got you!

Kanarya on top again!

EDIT: more than 188 mill facebook friends??Is he a guru or something?? :D:D:D
GFBHollanda • 01:04 • May 27, 2010
Good luck Mehmet!
macho-morten • 02:05 • May 27, 2010
Haha Nathan, look who's talking!
ergin • 02:45 • May 27, 2010
It will be absolutely ridiculous, prejudice, and flat out messed up if Turkiye does not win the bid for Euro 2016. Italy and France have BOTH hosted the tourney 2 times before!

Anyways, really cool Mehmet, good luck! :)
Aydan • 03:29 • May 27, 2010
No it's the other way around look at where Mehmet and Nathan have gotten FBWW especially when you consider they don't require us to pay to use the site! They're just amazing people. I just wish we had a way to show that we are Fenerbahçe worldwide fans. I would love to customize a jersey with Fenerbahçe worldwide on it for sure! Good luck Mehmet!
nathan • 04:27 • May 27, 2010
wow, these comments are amazing - really :) Thank you all so much, but without people visiting the site, there would be no FBWW....so Mehmet and I should actually thank you :)
hpehlivan • 04:45 • May 27, 2010
congrats nathan and mehmet, this is awesome.
fener-pnw • 06:03 • May 27, 2010
Way to go Mehmet!
Kozak • 09:51 • May 27, 2010
Congrats Mehmet! Put a shout out to the website :P
griggsy • 10:00 • May 27, 2010
Mehmet I dare you to speak like a Hip Hop artist during the interview
'Yo yo I wanna give a shout out to my peeps at F B W W yo!'
fb_fan • 10:02 • May 27, 2010
Aydan,thats what i meant in a twisted kinda way :D:D

Good Luck Yall!
mehmet • 12:20 • May 27, 2010
Hey people, thanks for all the good luck wishes! It really means a lot to me! ...and Nathan is absolutely right, your constant support, interest and involvement keeps FBWW going!
mtHead • 16:57 • May 27, 2010
Good luck and thanks to both of you
Aydan • 20:09 • May 27, 2010
Mehmet by far you had the best argument I have to say I was very disappointed with the French representation arguments that because they've hosted it before they should get to do it again. I only wish you would have had time to talk about the global reach of Turkish football through web sites like FBWW. That is another important reason why Turkey should win. Anyway you did an excellent job representing Turkey and you speak English very well by the way. Hopefully they will have you back on the show when we win InshaAllah!
WirSINDFenerbahce • 20:34 • May 27, 2010
Turkiye should get the bid. I guarentee it would be a spectacle. The Turkish fans got me to love Turkish football. Italian stadia need upgrading for sure. The have track around all their fileds!
mehmet • 00:36 • May 28, 2010
Hey Aydan, thank you for your compliment... It was a very brief open panel / discussion item on the show and it was moderated, so I couldn't go off topic and talk about FBWW. Thanks again for your kind words and I very much appreciate that you tuned in and listened to me live on the air! Fingers crossed for tomorrow's announcement ;)
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