Turkey Passed Over as France Awarded UEFA Euro 2016

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In an announcement just moments ago, UEFA, the governing body of European football, awarded the Euro 2016 championship to France.  The country was one of three finalists, along with Turkey and Italy.  Both France and Italy have hosted the tournament twice previously.  Turkey was bidding for the third time, but has never been awarded the prestigious competition.  France narrowly defeated Turkey in the final voting, with a 7-to-6 vote tally. 

Turkey were denied the opportunity to host the European football championship for a third time, after previous bids in 2008 (joint bid with Greece) and 2012.  UEFA President Michel Platini made the announcement just moments ago in an official ceremony at the Espace Hippomène in Geneva, Switzerland.

"I want first to thank our friends from Italy and Turkey; I feel for them and the feelings of frustration and sadness after months of work and I wish Italian and Turkish football good luck," said French Football Federation (FFF) president Jean-Pierre Escalettes. "For us it is a moment of intense emotions, given that in 2016 we will welcome European football to France. We will fulfill our promises and we thank our friends on the Executive Committee at UEFA. They have put their trust in us and that's what counts for us. This is a beautiful day for us," Escalettes stated. 

France has hosted the tournament twice previously, in 1960 and 1984.  They are the first country to host the event three times.  The 2016 competition will be the first to feature 24 teams, up from 16 in 2012. 

The French government has pledged to help guarantee the projected 1.7 billion Euro cost of building and renovating stadiums. The French bid included 12 stadiums, of which seven would require major renovations and four would be new, in 11 cities: Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Nice, Marseille, Paris (Stade de France and Parc des Princes), Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

The final vote tally saw France earn seven votes, just one more than runners-up Turkey.  The UEFA Executive Committee voted on France and Turkey after Italy was eliminated, receiving 23 points to 43 for France and 38 for Turkey. 

Comments (31)

efe10 • 15:16 • May 28, 2010
aarohaa • 15:18 • May 28, 2010
I knew it!!! Denied once again.. Both already hosted the tournament 2 times... Look at who's going to host it in 2012!!! Freaking POLAND and UKRAINE!!!!

This is way too absurd, just build those damn stadions and show them what they missed out.
Onur • 15:26 • May 28, 2010
eksi • 15:51 • May 28, 2010
I hope we qualify for 2016 and take a dump at the Parc de Princes then lift the cup. This is ridiculous
Memz • 15:57 • May 28, 2010
did you guys really expect Turkey to win or just hoped that they would win?
nathan • 16:07 • May 28, 2010
I honestly expected us to win.
Memz • 16:09 • May 28, 2010
with Platini as Fifa's president and French as candidate? never ever that such a thing would happen.
Memz • 16:22 • May 28, 2010
oops Uefa's president ofcourse - and France not French... omg i feel dumb now. =(
Lionel_Hurmaci • 16:55 • May 28, 2010
so does that mean that like half of the planned stadiums wont be built?
fb_fan • 17:43 • May 28, 2010
That just aint right dammit :@
fenerbahce4life • 18:08 • May 28, 2010
This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Uefa is a load of rubbish. A euro in Turkey would have been one of the best in the history. Instead they put it in boring france.
bjkdeniz • 19:03 • May 28, 2010
I honestly thought we had it. Especially with countries like Ukraine/Poland, Switzerland/Austria, South Africa, etc, being chosen for major tournaments. But as always, politics win in the end.
serdar_tasci • 19:31 • May 28, 2010
fb_fan • 20:26 • May 28, 2010
Ofcourse that there are strings attached to France,nobody can make me believe in Platini's "honesty"!He is giving France a shoulder since i remember myself!Turkey would be gr8!We have amazing stadiums,READY(unlike in France),we have superb transportation system...c'mon france had internation football event hostings!C'mon it ain't fair dammit!
griggsy • 20:33 • May 28, 2010
'we have superb transportation system'
come on...
WirSINDFenerbahce • 20:47 • May 28, 2010
This could have really been great for Turkish football being known worldwide. I still maintain you cant beat the Football fanatical fans of Turkiye!
Lionel_Hurmaci • 20:56 • May 28, 2010
we wud have invested 20 billion in transportation had we got this bid....and only 1/9 of our stadia are ready....
fb_fan • 21:20 • May 28, 2010
You can't expect me to be exact realist when it comes to Turkey...HALLO,where are you from anyway?Damn
mtHead • 21:43 • May 28, 2010
fb_fan, what a great answer I loved it. People fail to see the perfection in imperfection.
A prefect floral Persian rug is dull compared to perfectly imperfect geometrical Turkish rug.
mehmet • 21:57 • May 28, 2010
serdar tasci and fb_fan, watch your words... i had to shave off your comments a bit - especially yours tarık!
polat10 • 22:49 • May 28, 2010
Platini + France as host = Rigged
Moon • 22:54 • May 28, 2010
yep.... but get next host uefa euro 2020 i hope turkey :)
Moon • 22:58 • May 28, 2010
why do i have upset...but i not hope uefa euro 2016 in france NO WAY!
fb_fan • 23:28 • May 28, 2010
@mehmet...where did i do wrong again BBC rockstar :D

anyway,i will watch out,i just get too emotional somethimes...

and mtHead TNX for backing me up mate!
fb_fan • 23:32 • May 28, 2010
and something else,is it just me or this Platini picture scream "COME OVER AND KILL ME SLOWLY" ha sorry again wow
Lionel_Hurmaci • 23:33 • May 28, 2010
lol so many people hate him now..not just turks...
Aydan • 23:54 • May 28, 2010
I am so upset about this! This is ridiculous! Like mehmet said on the radio today Turkey is in the best position financially and they have government backing none of the other countries did. I would love to see how France plans on paying for this too! I mean come on France has already done it twice! I cannot believe the French actually left Turkey off the map! I just don't understand why France was chosen again! This is so unfair.
fb_fan • 00:10 • May 29, 2010
JayJayOkocha • 00:14 • May 29, 2010
Bunch of corrupt gaylords these Frenchies. I remember reading some old American officer say "I rather have a line of German troops infront of me, then French troops behind me" Damn right. I hope we face them and shove a baguette op their *** Damn Frenchies.

Their national team is crap anyway. Doesn't matter how many names they got, they're crap. Seen last European Championship, even against Costa Rica they were crap few days ago.
griggsy • 00:38 • May 29, 2010
Kozak • 02:57 • May 29, 2010
Yeah this is pretty much a disgrace to football. Hosting a major football tournament shouldn't just be about if you have whats needed already, it should be about development.
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