Fenerbahçe Worldwide Introduces New Transfer Policy

Commentary  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Wednesday, June 2, 2010 Picture

For the last few months, you may have noticed an absence of transfer rumours here on Fenerbahçe Worldwide.  Since I started the website nearly four years ago, we've covered the latest news on the club, including transfer speculation, but we decided to re-evaluate that decision earlier this spring.  However, starting with the upcoming transfer window, we're introducing a new policy on how we cover and report transfer rumours involving Fenerbahçe.

Since 2006, Fenerbahçe Worldwide has covered transfer speculation involving the club, but only from creditable sources.  We don't report every transfer rumour, and we've always been careful about the sources we use and how reliable the speculation is.  We're also very particular about rumours involving the club.

We do realize, however, that once the season ends, fans' attention often turns to offseason moves.  That's why we're introducing a new transfer policy this summer.  Starting immediately, we will begin addressing transfer rumours and speculation on a daily basis.  However, rather than publishing a number of articles on every rumour each day, we'll be accumulating as much speculation as we can and including it in one, easy-to-read article.  Our hope is that fans can read up on various transfer speculation without sifting through article after article.  We hope the new policy will save time and make it easier for our readers.

Starting this week, we will publish an article daily with various transfer speculation, including which players are involved, where it is being reported, and other vital information on the players.  These articles will still be categorized as "rumours" and can be easily accessed under the "Rumours" tab on the left side of your screen, as well as on the front page. 

Despite the new policy, one thing remains the same today as it did when Fenerbahçe Worldwide started in July 2006.  Everything is pure speculation until the club makes a formal announcement.  That has been our policy all along, and it will continue to be.  Mehmet and I will report transfer rumours involving the club, but we do not confirm or state the rumours as being fact unless the club makes an official statement on them.  That is why they will continue to be listed as "rumours" rather than news items, unless an official announcement is made.  Our decision to do so comes after evaluating how other major European clubs handle such speculation, as well as discussions we've had with Fenerbahçe ourselves. 

Our hope is that the new policy will be more user-friendly for our readers, as well as save time.  We also hope that readers will be able to easily distinguish between official news involving Fenerbahçe as opposed to rumours and other unconfirmed speculation.  We hope you'll be happy with the new format, but we also encourage comments.  After all, this is your website.  Mehmet and I are simply happy to be associated with Fenerbahçe, the world's greatest club.  We're excited to celebrate our fourth anniversary next month, and we hope the next four are even better!

Comments (18)

efe10 • 05:42 • June 2, 2010
Nice. good job guys. keep up the good work. Cant wait for the transfers!
ergin • 06:19 • June 2, 2010
Thanks again for everything you guys do here! :)
sageleader • 06:58 • June 2, 2010
You guys are awesome! I hope you also include which sources are more credible than others because I have no idea.
fb_fan • 07:02 • June 2, 2010
good job
Lionel_Hurmaci • 11:17 • June 2, 2010
Some rumours from the newspapers today (which are usually garbage but what the heck)...Dickson Choto to be Lugano's new partner// Hamit Altintop// Krasic// Forlan// Ronaldinho (:P)// Marc Janko//Van de vaart lol// Caner to replace Vederson// Sercan and Henry// gignac
Kozak • 11:28 • June 2, 2010
Hamit Altintop could be reality and would be for free :) But I think he has bigger clubs in his sights.
Fener_eniste • 11:54 • June 2, 2010
There's no one bigger than Fenerbahce.

We need some Africans...I hope they show up in the World Cup and perform well!
Prisonbreak94 • 12:35 • June 2, 2010
We just signed Ilhan Eker, central defender, from Gençlerbirliği...Hope he's good, but I think we need a well known, tall, powerful central defender next to Lugano for European success. Get rid of Bilica because he does not represent Fenerbahçe well. He is undisciplined. Hope Ilhan Eker is good though.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 12:38 • June 2, 2010



^Goals of the season...split into 3 videos
Lionel_Hurmaci • 12:40 • June 2, 2010
we need a backup wing back instead of vederson...i saw some caner rumours in the newspapers but probs not true
serdar_tasci • 12:46 • June 2, 2010
well his profile shows hes quite good and the good thing is he can play at centre-back or right-back and is adept to scoring and making goals we got a good transfer guys
serdar_tasci • 13:53 • June 2, 2010
I think that the person who has scored the most best goals was Alex this year
Kozak • 14:01 • June 2, 2010
Would have preferred to transfer Aykut Demir. He's 21 and one of Genclerbirligis promising players.

He's also featured in every youth level for the Turkish national team.
serdar_tasci • 14:19 • June 2, 2010
wow LOL we just signed the Genclerbirligi captain and also im really hoping we dont sing this guy since we already have gokhan and bekir who can play great at LB:

serdar_tasci • 14:21 • June 2, 2010
omfg is hertha berlin mad or sometihng they just signed ali bilgin

Lionel_Hurmaci • 14:31 • June 2, 2010
theyre not mad....they just got relegated after finished in last...decent transfer for them
Temirov123 • 15:30 • June 2, 2010
Atletico madrid made an offer for guiza 14 million. If aziz doesnt sell him i would be pissed off
mkaymer • 01:25 • August 19, 2010
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