Is Digiturk Looking For A New Süper Lig Sponsorship Deal?

Turkcell Super Lig  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Sunday, June 6, 2010 Picture

According to recent reports in the Turkish press, Digiturk, the official broadcaster of the Turkish League, is looking for a new sponsorship deal for the Süper Lig. Known as Turkcell Süper Lig since 2005, Turkey's top flight competition might be undergoing a name change in upcoming days. Rumours are already out that Digiturk is in talks with Vodafone.

Back in January, Digiturk had secured the TV and trademark sponsorship rights for Süper Lig until 2014 for a sum of $321 million/per year, meaning that there would be an astonishing 126% increase. Five months on, it looks as though Digiturk has begun looking for a better sponsorship deal for Turkey's top flight competition.

Reports in Wednesday's Hürriyet claimed that Digiturk was planning to drop their deal with Turkcell. The existing $10 million/per year trademark and sponsorship deal from Turkcell is no longer enough to support Süper Lig's increased TV rights and the daily newspaper rumoured that Digiturk was already in talks with mobile network competitor Vodafone, for a reported sum of 30 million TL/per year.

Hürriyet's report was quickly backfired by Turkcell who stated, "We have pride in giving our name to Süper Lig since 2005. Due to our contract, we still have another year of trademark rights. We would like to extend our trademark rights to 2015 and we are duely in talks with Digiturk."

According to Saturday's edition of Sabah, Digiturk denied the validity of Turkcell's Süper Lig trademark and sponsorships rights for the 2010/11 season, giving legislative explanations concerning debt law. However, if contractual problems aren't negotiated the issue might soon go to court as Turkcell reportedly claimed that if necessary they will be taking legal action. Sabah also reported talks with Vodafone for a deal worth $35 million/per year.

Comments (6)

Lionel_Hurmaci • 17:13 • June 6, 2010
Vodafone Super-Lig lol
Kozak • 17:33 • June 6, 2010
^ that sounds absolutely horrendous :(

Turkcell has become such a cozy title for the superlig. I hope they stay.
griggsy • 18:12 • June 6, 2010
Şampiyon Kokoreç Super Lig FTW!
sargasso • 19:15 • June 6, 2010
17 against Fenerbahçe Super League
since1907 • 07:35 • June 7, 2010
+1 to sargasso.
griggsy • 19:30 • June 8, 2010
I can not believe I didn't get any laughs for my suggestion!
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