Aykut Kocaman Officially Starts His Tenure As Fener Manager

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Tuesday, June 29, 2010 Picture

Yellow Canaries manager Aykut Kocaman officialized his new role as team coach in a signing ceremony held at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım gave Kocaman full responsibility of the football team, stating that he will continue to work both as sporting director and as team coach. "There's no words to describe this moment. I highly appreciate the club management for their utter support," said Kocaman.

Fenerbahçe manager Aykut Kocaman officially took over the reins as team coach in a signing ceremony held at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium on Tuesday. Chairman Aziz Yıldırım and Board Members were in attendance, alongside Kocaman, as the new coach was presented to the media.

"Aykut Kocaman is a valuable sportsman who has served Fenerbahçe for many years, lifting many championship titles and being with us through good and bad. He has also had notable working experience, coaching several clubs," President Aziz Yıldırım said, as he presented the new Fenerbahçe manager. "Aykut Kocaman will continue working as Fenerbahçe sporting director," continued Yıldırım. 

"We had already previously stated that we would be giving him full responsibility of the team in three year's time. As the Board of Directors, we have decided to give him full responsibility of the professional football team from now on," said the Yellow Canaries chairman, explaining Aykut Kocaman's new role. Aziz Yıldırım continued by stating that Aykut Kocaman had the club's full support and confidence.

"Everyone knows Aykut Kocaman's place in the history of Fenerbahçe. We all know how the supporters and community appreciates him. It gives pleasure to see what we expected to take place in three years to actually happen today," commented Aziz Yıldırım. 

Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım then explained that only one Turkish manager, Mustafa Denizli, had won the championship in the club's history. "But now we think that things have to change, that Turkish football coaches can be successful too. We expect Aykut Kocaman will be successful in this new period. He will be adding a lot to Fenerbahçe, both characterwise and in terms of his football knowledge," explained President Yıldırım.

"We have been working together with him since last season and we have full confidence in him," added the Fenerbahçe chairman, also wishing the new team coach the best of luck." We hope this new era with Aykut Kocaman will bring change to Fenerbahçe. Aykut Kocaman deserves this and Turkish football needs a person of character, like Aykut Kocaman," commented Aziz Yıldırım.

Next to speak was new team coach Aykut Kocaman. "There's no words to describe this moment. I highly appreciate the club management for their utter support," said Fenerbahçe manager Kocaman. "I am thrilled and excited. I hope this new role of mine will be beneficiary to both myself and Fenerbahçe. In my personal life, I am a fearless person. I am never afraid of anything, however, what worries me most is not living up to people's expectations. Apart from that, I don't have any other concern," said Aykut Kocaman.

After a brief pause for a photo shoot with the Board of Directors, Fenerbahçe manager Aykut Kocaman passed on to the Q&A section of the press conference. When asked about upcoming transfers, Kocaman revealed that there will indeed be more additions to the squad. "For now, our only completed transfers are Miroslav Stoch and İlhan Eker. We are working on other players. However, there is no point in revealing any names," said the Yellow Canaries coach.

"There will be both foreign and Turkish players coming into our squad. Our aim is to add more depth into the squad and complete our structural changes," explained Aykut Kocaman. "Of course, transfer periods are times when there are both incoming and outgoing players. Some players could be leaving us, this is very natural, but of course, there will be new players coming in," commented the new coach.

"The important thing is finding young, talented and capable players that will add value to Fenerbahçe," he added. In response to a question about his new role, Aykut Kocaman stated that he had taken a big responsability and that now he had the ball at his feet. "My door will always be open to players that love football, love their club and have respect for all his team mates," he said. 

When asked about the style of football he will implement, Aykut Kocaman explained "Football is a very simple, yet very attractive sport which has the main focus on the ball. There is only one material in this game, the football. The main goal is to keep possession of the ball and show your talents. This is what I have always paid attention to in the past and asked of my players."

"When you look at Fenerbahçe's last ten years, you see statistics which show this team has mainly achieved all this. My main football value would be to make this a faster and a more pressured style," said Kocaman, explaining that he preferred a more aggressive, attacking style of football. "Right now, we possess a football value, a squad and a system. The right thing will be to put more onto that and make the transformation over the course of a certain period of time. Our fundamental change will be to make this team play a bit more aggressive," explained Aykut Kocaman.

When asked his opinion on TFF's new foreign player quota, 6+2+2, Aykut Kocaman stated that it didn't change the number of foreign players on the field at one time and added that without changing the six players on the field, clubs should be able to decide themselves how many foreign players to sign.

Coach Aykut Kocaman also explained that his Fenerbahçe will target success in all competitions. "Our team should always have a claim in every competition. It would be meaningless to say otherwise. Fenerbahçe always aims to do the best in every competition," he commented.

Lastly, Aykut Kocaman confirmed that he had signed a one-year contract. "We will be in Samandıra at all times. My life will pass there. My contract is for one year, because I'm always here. I don't have any intention of leaving and my role here doesn't depend on contracts or money. I'm already here as a volunteer," stated the newly appointed Fenerbahçe manager. 

(Photo courtesy of Fenerbahce.org)

Comments (9)

Memz • 13:27 • June 29, 2010
Aykut really looks like the coach of a east asian country in this pic imo - almost didn't recognized him.

anyway i hope you will do great Aykut!
fb_fan • 13:38 • June 29, 2010
Fingers crossed for an amazing run in the TSL and CL!GO FENER!
remedy2000 • 14:48 • June 29, 2010
Is he getting full control over the team, or just the sidelines and training like every other manager? Like, will he be allowed to make the transfers he wants? Will he be able to use the formations he wants? Will he be able to sell the useless players like Guiza and the premadonnas like Kazim?

If no, what's the big bloody news?
macho-morten • 16:19 • June 29, 2010
I have a feeling he'll get his way transfer-wise, at least. He's been highly involved in our transfers the last year, and it's only natural that he continues that work. Also, he seems to be getting along well with Aziz, so hopefully he'll be trusted more than previous coaches.

Then again, we'll just have to wait and see :P
mtHead • 18:44 • June 29, 2010
I like what he is saying, aggrissive, fast, attacking, things that were lacking under Daum. I am very optimistic about this but we will see how it will translate onto the pitch.
@remedy no one has offered anything for Colin Richards and I don't think any one will
buraktigin • 18:53 • June 29, 2010
Aykut is an awsome manager, he is a great person, and he was a good player. But.. he is not a coach, I hope he call pull off a decent season. If he doesnt , who do you blame on this one!!??!!?
cercif • 18:59 • June 29, 2010
Wait, Kazim will improve himself and in a new team, Güiza will do better...
GFBHollanda • 20:23 • June 29, 2010
Great footballer did great things with ankaraspor and à great personality.

"The important thing is finding young, talented and capable players that will add value to Fenerbahçe," he added.

110% behind him! Those words i missed badly with Daum...
ergin • 20:28 • June 29, 2010

Well managers have to start somewhere right? What did people think of Guus Hiddink when we finished his playing career but before he started coaching? I'm sure there were those who had their doubts. You never know until you actually let them coach. I think Aykut will be a great coach but only time will tell...
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