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Commentary  •  Author: Özgür R. Nazilli   •   Friday, April 18, 2008 Picture

So you might be wondering where is everyone? Why is Nathan the only one updating the site? When will we get any new features on Fenerbahce Worldwide. Well, here is a roundup of what has been going on in the last few weeks.

First of all, even though we haven't added anything substantial in terms of visibility, we have added some new features to the site. The first one, and probably the most exciting one, is the addition of RSS feeds to FBWW. For those of you who are not familiar with Rich Site Summary (or Really Simple Syndication) also known as RSS, it is basically a means for you FBWW members to keep track of when new articles are added to the site without having to visit the site every time. It can be used by clicking the little orange RSS symbol next to the Fenerbahce Worldwide address in your browser, and then subscribing to the feeds from Fenerbahce Worldwide. All the newly added articles will be delivered to you (through an RSS reader which you need to have to utilize this feature) as simple text and you can click the headlines to come to the site to read the full article.

What else is new? Well, most of you will have noticed by now, but we also made our calendar interactive. The days that we add articles are bolded now, so you can hover your mouse over them and see what articles were added each day, and then click a day to read the articles posted on that particular day (too many "day"s in one sentence...). It is an easy way for you fans to know what happened in the world of Fenerbahce each day.

Another more recently added feature is the addition of two new sections: "Interviews" and "Turkcell Super Lig". Turkcell Super Lig is pretty self explanatory, Nathan likes reviewing the past week and previewing the next week every weekend, so we decided to create a separate section to keep all his reviews and previews together in one place for ease of use. Interviews is the section where we keep the transcripts of the people we interview, so they will not get lost amongst all the other articles we write. So far, only our Kivanc Ozkok interview is present in that new section but soon others will join Kivanc's interview, beginning with the Ipek Ustaoglu interview this week. (Also, I still haven't been able to post the fourth and the final part of the Kivanc interview, and you will see why in a minute)

Finally, a short update on us: The site has been pretty slow these past few days and Nathan has been the only one updating it with considerable sacrifice on his part, because as you might know, April is the finals month in North America. Myself, Murat (our webmaster who brings you all the wonderful features like the RSS and the interactive calendar), Nathan, and our Portuguese translator Cristina, so in short all the members of the FBWW Team, have been very busy with our respective final exams. Luckily, we will be done in about a week so you can expect even more wonderful content and more frequent news updates to the site. And you will be pleased to know that the first feature update we have on our list is a forum. (no more trying to converse through the comments sections!) Also, we have a surprise or two up our sleeves, which of course I will not reveal here but I can tell you that you will be pleased once they take off. (what a cliché)

So there you have it, an article of confessions, feature updates, and news of future additions to our site. I would like to wrap up by saying a big thank you to all of you who visit us to read about Fenerbahce. Thanks to you, with no advertising on our behalves, we have been getting constant attention from the Turkish Media, other Fenerbahce-related websites, and even FB USA. As a show of our gratitude, I can promise you a more exciting Fenerbahce Worldwide with even more exclusives, news updates, rumours (we take great care to weed out the highly improbable ones so you can be sure that FBWW will never turn into some of the infamous Turkish newspapers) and interviews, as soon as we finish our finals.

Feel free to leave a comment and mention any other features you would like to see at Fenerbahce Worldwide.



Comments (11)

Mavi • 03:04 • April 18, 2008
You guys are doing great. I really enjoy this website and make sure i visit everyday
nathan • 05:43 • April 18, 2008
Thanks, Mavi. We really appreciate that.

One note on the forum - we began designing the new website late last summer / early fall and we planned to have the forum as part of the site originally. Our web designer went through several different formats before finding one we liked. He's been working on that for some time now and as Ozgur said, the forum is coming very soon. I know a lot of the readers have requested it, and we apologize it wasn't ready when we launched the site originally.

On a personal note, I'm EXTREMELY happy to say that I finished my last final exam of grad school today, so I am done with classes until I start my Ph.D. (which will not be anytime soon). So, I'll be around even more :)
perlomental • 06:41 • April 18, 2008
Nice, but for the forum its like the ocmments! :)
nathan • 07:48 • April 18, 2008
Perlo, the forum will be much different and much better. You'll see :)
CANO • 10:28 • April 18, 2008
hey nathan, congratulation for your exam.
and the others good luck for your exams :)
perlomental • 10:35 • April 18, 2008
Yes congardulations, ok im waiting for the forum now, i think that u should put the time for next match at the up left corner of the page against who, and then put at the turkcell super lig section the standings and the fixtures on atable some place.
FenerManx • 18:12 • April 18, 2008
In thnik the idea of a 'next match' box at the top the home page would be great, good idea perlo.
nathan • 18:45 • April 18, 2008
Thanks, perlo and FenerManx - I'll talk to our webmaster and see if he can do that. It may be a few days - I think he is finishing his final exams now.
perlomental • 19:21 • April 18, 2008
HAHA, all of u final exams, good luck,ur welcome fenermanx, no problem :)
tinkerbell • 18:21 • April 28, 2008
Thanks, you are doing really good, this has become really informative website, and good luck for the finals and congrads on the exams! As a person struggling for the PhD applications can really understand that final week tension! a forum would be great looking forward to it!
mkaymer • 20:18 • August 18, 2010
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