2010-11 Süper Lig Fixtures to be Drawn Next Wednesday

Turkcell Super Lig  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Picture

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) issued an official statement on Wednesday afternoon, announcing that the fixture draw for the 2010/11 Süper Lig season will be held next Wednesday, 21st July. In the new season, Karabükspor, Bucaspor and Konyaspor will replace the relegated Diyarbakırspor, Denizlispor and Ankaraspor.

Turkish Football Federation officials and representatives from 18 clubs, including newly promoted sides Karabükspor, Bucaspor and Konyaspor, will be present at Istanbul's Haliç Congress Center next Wednesday, 21st July at 14:00 for the fixture draw of the 2010/11 Süper Lig season.

The Turkish League will be kicking off with Week 1 fixtures on 15th August 2010. The winter break for this season's Süper Lig will be held between 19th December 2010 - 23rd January 2011. Games will wrap up with Week 34 fixtures on 22nd May 2011.

Stay tuned at Fenerbahçe Worldwide for the new season Süper Lig fixtures.

(Photo courtesy of TFF.org)

Comments (40)

AKay • 16:55 • July 14, 2010
Trabzon will be on week 17....AGAIN..;p
macho-morten • 17:39 • July 14, 2010
And 6s on week 10 :D
berkan8gulsen • 18:13 • July 14, 2010
cant wait for the fixture.

how come we are not buying anybody?? i mean the world cup is finish.

what happen to the "yilldiz" players Aziz Yildirim promise buy?? *

Bursaspor wants Semih, but they want to trade Semih for Sercan yildirm.
Henry made a move to New York Redbull.
Kozak • 19:02 • July 14, 2010
Week 10 is a good week to verse Galatasaray. If our season is slipping, a thrashing of them in week 10 will turn it around :D
AKay • 19:18 • July 14, 2010
And week 10 is my half term at school so i can go watch it :)
berkan8gulsen • 19:59 • July 14, 2010
any links for the match?
macho-morten • 20:15 • July 14, 2010

Won't do much good though, berkan... Looks like the game will be cancelled :(
macho-morten • 20:20 • July 14, 2010
Oh, looks like it's starting in ten minutes :D
Kozak • 20:27 • July 14, 2010
Are you sure 10 minutes? I hear 20:30.. I'll give it 10 minutes then I'll sleep :|
macho-morten • 20:28 • July 14, 2010
I heard on dakika I think... We'll see now. Hehe. The crowd was pleased though, so I assume it's on now.
serdar_tasci • 20:46 • July 14, 2010
The Line-up:

serdar_tasci • 20:49 • July 14, 2010


AND THE 19 IN 2007-20008
serdar_tasci • 20:55 • July 14, 2010
serdar_tasci • 21:04 • July 14, 2010
beautiful play from semih emre and deivid, please semih be our striker next season
ergin • 21:27 • July 14, 2010
are we playing well overall? Sucks I'm at work :(
serdar_tasci • 21:38 • July 14, 2010
yh we are playing great we have scored one but it was offside and that AZ keeper saved 4 long range blasts 2 from baroni,1 from semih and 1 from deivid
ergin • 21:39 • July 14, 2010
sounds good. Who scored the goal that was ruled offsides? And was it actually offsides? :)
macho-morten • 21:42 • July 14, 2010
Amateur coverage so we didn't get a clear visual on the offside. Probably OK to disallow though.
vivalavida • 21:50 • July 14, 2010
bilica and selcuk are definately the worst players on the pitch. just hope bilica leaves soon because he's wasting a foreigner spot. deivid has been playing good but we really need a fast CB next to lugano. bilica and ilhan are too alike (as in slow)
serdar_tasci • 22:17 • July 14, 2010
berkan8gulsen • 22:24 • July 14, 2010
Stoch the best!!!

Caner is really good..
ergin • 22:26 • July 14, 2010
What the hell is going on? We're down two goals??

Even though it's just a friendly not a great start for Aykut...
RisingSunOnEurope • 22:27 • July 14, 2010
ergin : semih scored the offside goal
ergin • 22:28 • July 14, 2010
Thanks RSOE
berkan8gulsen • 22:29 • July 14, 2010
how are we suppose to attack when we play with the ball too much..
polat10 • 22:29 • July 14, 2010
RisingSunOnEurope • 22:33 • July 14, 2010
this is embarassing .. i kno we dont have a handful of our players but cmonn.. we should beat these guys.. gs beat whoever it was 4-0 yesterday.. i was expecting a great start to the kocaman era idon wana say im doubtful now but im a bit uneasy
RisingSunOnEurope • 22:35 • July 14, 2010
game jus finished polat .. 2-0
polat10 • 22:37 • July 14, 2010
ya i had school unfortunately, how did we play though?

serdar_tasci • 22:42 • July 14, 2010
despite the 2-0 loss we honestly played great polat, stoch was absolutely amazing hes gonna be one of our best players this season just watch, cristian was great, deivid played good, emre played strong and amazing football as always eker was BRILLIANT, CANER WAS TERRIFIC, semih was good. VOLKAN BABACAN PLAYED ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, my ratings would be:

Babacan: 7

Ilhan Eker
Caner Erkin
Miroslav Stoch
Cristian Baroni
JayJayOkocha • 22:45 • July 14, 2010
Do you really think that if they played that well we would lose to mere Az ?

Drama. Dramatic. I'm ashamed, as a Turk living in Holland. There is a lot of work to do. Besiktas has brought Hilbert, Quaresma and Guti, they now want Altidore. Galatasaray bought Cana, great midfielder and will buy 4 other foreigners. Trabzon has a great squad already, Bursa also bought some good Argentinians.

I demand transfers. Atleast 2 centrebacks and 2 new strikers.
AKay • 22:45 • July 14, 2010
Why did we lose then?
serdar_tasci • 22:49 • July 14, 2010
it dosent matter about the loss generally we played well and it was a damn FRIENDLY so dont get to hyped up about it, if this was a champions league match we would have scored 5 goals at least and played better players stoch cmae onto his first game and shot 3 long rangers all coming close to goals thing of how good he will be when he settles into turkish culture, eker was sold and caner was ripping up the left wing, yes we need one new centre back and 1-2 stikers then thats it, we have a great squad already and guti is just plain crap hes old slow and just crap!!!, quaresma well if he was so good why did he come to besiktas why not to another team and for a higher price then 7.3 mil, THINK BEFORE U SPEAK!!!!!!!
JayJayOkocha • 22:56 • July 14, 2010
Serdar, Guti is the best passer in the world. He had last year 3 goals and 9 assists voor Real Madrid. It doesn't matter that he's "slow" (still a lot faster then Alex tho) it's his vision that will make Besiktas superior to the opponents.

Quaresma ? You wanted him at Fener, don't be a ezik.
mtHead • 22:58 • July 14, 2010
Think before you speak. Woow for you to call Guti crap is very daring and for you to ask why Quaresma came to BJK is even more audacious. Did you ever stop and think why Caner came to Fener if he was as good as you say he is, why did Gala and CSKA said thanks but no. THINK BEFORE U SPEAK!!!!!!!
JayJayOkocha • 23:03 • July 14, 2010
Word. Anyone who says Guti is crap should throw himself away. Guti was more important for Real Madrid then Kaka was last season. Guti's passes are amazing, it's like he got eyes on each part of his body, while Alex's job is to play as a "shadow" striker, just shoot the balls in the net who fall infront of him, or give 1,2 passes at the good moment, while Guti does the passing the whole game. I would have liked to see him at Fener, despite his age.
remedy2000 • 23:14 • July 14, 2010
Fener really shouldnt be losing to teams like AZ. As long as they continue too, they will remain a second rate team. Fener should treat every foreign game as crucial, because winning the Turkish league alone every year will do nothing for status as long as they keep failing against foreign opposition.
polat10 • 23:22 • July 14, 2010
BJK didn't even get guti.

P.S. Guys its a pre-season game, you actually expect us to play perfect in our very first game of the new season?
polat10 • 23:38 • July 14, 2010
Edit* Now they got guti
serdar_tasci • 23:46 • July 14, 2010
is caner even up to such standards as guit, guti plays for one of the best teams of all time so hes obviously well known so why would he choose besiktas when he can go to many other better clubs, and also caner came to the best club in turkey thats BIG ISNT IT, also did any of you guys see the skills of miroslav stoch today he was fucking amazing, our left wingers are just perfection at the moment:

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