Transfer Rumours: Thursday July 15, 2010

Rumour  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Thursday, July 15, 2010 Picture

In today's press scan, news reports from the Turkish and International press linking Fenerbahçe with transfer moves for Asamoah Gyan, Miloš Krasić, Grafite, Giovani dos Santos and others. Please note that Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the following transfer rumours.

The following transfer rumours were linked in Turkish and International media, although each is pure speculation unless the club issues an official statement. We do not hold any of the rumours to be truth.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide will publish one article of transfer rumours per day (as long as there is demand), and the list will be updated throughout the day as more are reported. Please check the article periodically for updates.

Asamoah Gyan (Rennes)
Striker - 24 years old
Sabah, Milliyet, Vatan, Habertürk, Fanatik

According to reports in the Turkish press, Asamoah Gyan is still Fenerbahçe's top priority. While it is reported that Fenerbahçe and Liverpool have the best offers for the Rennes striker, Premier League sides Sunderland and West Ham United look to be out of the picture. Milliyet claims that Fenerbahçe officials will conduct talks with the French club this weekend, increasing their former offer. Sabah and Vatan quote a Rennes official who says they are open to negotiate with Fener if there is an increased offer.

Miloš Krasić (CSKA Moscow)
Attacking midfielder - 25 years old
Sabah, Milliyet, Fanatik

While Sabah and Milliyet repeat Miloš Krasić's former statement of, "There is a concrete offer from Fenerbahçe. But with all respect to the Turkish club, it's not worth leaving CSKA for them", Turkish sports daily Fanatik claims that Fenerbahçe are still continuing their pursuit on the 25-year-old Serbian attacking midfielder. Rumours are that the Yellow Canaries are preparing to offer Krasić a hefty salary, hoping to finalize the transfer soon. 

Grafite (VfL Wolfsburg)
Striker - 31 years old
Radyospor, Fanatik

According to a report in Fanatik, an agent for VfL Wolfsburg striker Grafite has told Radyospor that his client has not received an offer from Fenerbahçe. The agent stated his client has an ongoing contract with the Bundesliga side and he is expected to return from his post-World Cup holidays and join Wolfsburg's pre-season preparations.

Giovani dos Santos (Tottenham / Galatasaray)
Attacking midfielder - 21 years old
Sabah, Pas Fotomaç

A Pas Fotomaç report, also published in Sabah online, rumours that an agent for Mexican attacking midfielder Giovani dos Santos has sit down for negotiations with Fenerbahçe officials. Rumours are that 21-year-old Giovani dos Santos wants to play for the Yellow Canaries and could be joining ranks at the Kadıköy side on a loan. Giovani is no longer tied with Galatasaray, after the Istanbul club decided not to use the buyout option. 

Robbie Keane, Roman Pavlyuchenko (Tottenham Hotspur)
Striker - 30 years old, 28 years old
Lig TV

According to an exclusive Lig TV report on Thursday afternoon, Fenerbahçe officials have snubbed offers from Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko. Rumours are that agents have contacted the Yellow Canaries, stating that both players are keen on joining the Kadıköy side. However, Fenerbahçe have snubbed the offers and are reported to be looking to make younger signings.  

AS Nancy-Lorraine striker Issiar Dia, Santos winger/striker Neymar and OGC Nice striker Loïc Rémy have also been linked with Fenerbahçe.

Disclaimer: Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the above rumours or state that they are anything else than mere speculation. Please wait for official announcements from the club management.

(Pictured above, Asamoah Gyan)

Comments (32)

AKay • 12:21 • July 15, 2010
krasic is reely irritating now
AKay • 12:44 • July 15, 2010
Y didn't gs buy santos.I thought he did quite weLl. I wud love to see him here, the guy is lightning quick
Semihhh • 12:51 • July 15, 2010
I think/hope that Gyan is comming , the kind of type a striker we need.

+ we need a good DEFENDER next to lugano this aint gonna work with Ilhan , our Bilica :S

and i guess the Right side Aykut will let to Kazim and Ozer.

and also we just got 1more week for an tranfer cuz at the 22th we gotta give UEFA an list of players for the CL ... i wount hope for Hazard and Krasic if i where you guys , hope for a Striker nd that Guiza will go f*cking away !!! :)
Kozak • 13:02 • July 15, 2010
They didnt buy Santos because Tottenham wanted Arda in exchange for Santos plus a small fee paid to Galatasaray.

Arda is pretty much priceless to Galatasaray so I don't know..

Honestly we don't need a striker. Semih is really good, seriously guys. Deadset he is the best striker Turkey has at the moment, even if hes injured for 10 years, the first thing he'll come back and do is score.

We need a centreback.
2pac • 13:16 • July 15, 2010
The amount of injuries is unacceptable, we have a CL game not far away and we need our whole squad fit!
AKay • 13:30 • July 15, 2010
where are the DEFENDER RUMOURS?!
remedy2000 • 14:39 • July 15, 2010
Yes AKay, where are the defender rumours? If anything the piss-poor showing against AZ last night shows Bilica is too slow and the new guy is just complete lower-table quality. If we lose Lugano due to that stupid clause in his contract Fener is completely ruined when it comes to Europe, granted there are no more defensive transfers.
vivalavida • 14:54 • July 15, 2010
And why do people want Gyan? If you hated Guiza for all them chances he missed this guy is not any better, sure he's a quick forward but he'll score 1 in every 10 chances he has.

I really hope Aykut recognizes that we need to sort out the defence too. Bilica has to go, he's not a good sub or a starter, he just has to go play for some sunday league team or something cos what he's still doing here at this club is beyond me.
vivalavida • 14:57 • July 15, 2010
Also I hope the club realize that Krasic does NOT want to come here so MOVE ON to the next best thing. Seriously, he has said it time and time again that he doesn't want to come to Turkey so let him be! This is like the whole situation with Christian Poulsen again, we tried and tried to get the guy but he kept refusing and we ended up buying Josico. God knows what we'll end up with if we keep trying to sign Krasic, probably Junichi Inamoto
Kozak • 15:05 • July 15, 2010
Josico was before the Poulsen transfer.

I wish we got Dzudszak :(
AKay • 15:09 • July 15, 2010
Viva thats wat ive been saying for weeks...he is reluctant to come here...if we do get him we will end up paying a ridiculous sum for him.
If it isnt krasic it may be Dos santos which i wudnt mind.
Man i was so excited about the dzsudzsak transfer kozak...but i guess aziz jsut wanted to go for some huge superstar like hazard/krasic..and failed at getting both of them...twat.
khoda • 16:05 • July 15, 2010
Gio dos Santos would fit well in Fener togheter with Stoch! Both har verry fast and technical. Would be a great player in the team. He already played in Turkey so he dont even need one season to adaped! GET HIM!
Engin • 16:21 • July 15, 2010
Apparently Ligtv is reporting that we are interested in Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko of Tottenham Hotspurs.
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 16:25 • July 15, 2010
I hope we get dos santos. He would be perfect for us but we also have to get a good partner for lugano!!!!!!!!!!!
AKay • 16:30 • July 15, 2010
yes...Aykut needs to wake up and ask aziz to buy a defender...preferably Diego Godin :)
berkan8gulsen • 16:31 • July 15, 2010
i'm so sick of hearing Miloš Krasić. what i would do is sell Bilca and get a better defender to play with Lugano. I never liked him anyway.

We meed a Center Forward, and need a really good one. i'm getting really worried about this guys.

All I want is to go far in Champions League. and win the super lig..
AKay • 16:33 • July 15, 2010
Lol i know rite, berkan...krasic is getting on my nerves too...get dzudsak or get dos santos instead
Kozak • 16:35 • July 15, 2010
Engin, that says that Keane and Pavlyuchenko would have come but Fenerbahce did not want them.
Engin • 16:39 • July 15, 2010
Thanks Kozak for clearing that up for me. Sometimes I have problems reading Turkish from time to time.
mtHead • 17:02 • July 15, 2010
Where is this beautiful place that Bursa is playing against Stoke, anyone knows if their new signings are taking part.
mehmet • 17:27 • July 15, 2010
Update: Robbie Keane, Roman Pavlyuchenko rumours added to today's list.
Kozak • 17:33 • July 15, 2010
mtHead, Vederson is playing. Don't know if their Argentines are. TUNCAY IS PLAYING!
AKay • 17:34 • July 15, 2010
Insus isnt playing...vederson is playing well. I think theyre playing in austria
Kozak • 17:38 • July 15, 2010
Yeah Vederson is playing really, really well. I still don't get why we sold him...he had a great season.

Bursa scored.
mtHead • 17:39 • July 15, 2010
Who's no 22 in Bursa, any info Kozak on him, I like the speed that bursa is playing
Kozak • 18:17 • July 15, 2010
22 is Turgay man :)
Amsterdam • 18:39 • July 15, 2010
why dont we use kazim as a striker.... doesnt anyone see that kazim is a striker.. he aint a right wing player he has little space there..I think that he would do way better then semih or gokhan unal.. till now he allways played good at striker position.. btw kazim is the same striker type as gyan so why buy gyan
mtHead • 18:46 • July 15, 2010
This burs team has really good energy around them, they play with pace and composure. I will be routing for them all the way. They play good football
vivalavida • 19:38 • July 15, 2010
the only striker that i see that will fit our system is vagner love
Memz • 21:59 • July 15, 2010
Vagner Love misses height - with the bad crosses our wingers give you need to be a hell of a header to even get in on your head.

only striker who would really fit our system atm is probably Ibrahimovic - but he is impossible to get.
londonder • 03:52 • July 16, 2010
All we need is Eden Hazard But nothing else. I can see Eden fitting in the squad so easily, he will be like Tuncay Sanli. I know its hard for Fenerbahce to get him, but they need to do all to get him. Aziz Yildirim will need to get back into the hearts of these supporters and buy a very good player not Gyan.
Memz • 08:52 • July 16, 2010
a very good player doesn't want too play for Fenerbahçe because they hear our club is a mess and treats players not well from the players who played for us.

Aziz needs a miracle to get Hazard because money isn't enough for such big talent.
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