Transfer Rumours: Sunday July 18, 2010

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In today's press scan, news reports from the Turkish and International press linking Fenerbahçe with transfer moves for Vágner Love, Nilmar, Brandão and others. Please note that Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the following transfer rumours.

The following transfer rumours were linked in Turkish and International media, although each is pure speculation unless the club issues an official statement. We do not hold any of the rumours to be truth.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide will publish one article of transfer rumours per day (as long as there is demand), and the list will be updated throughout the day as more are reported. Please check the article periodically for updates.

Vágner Love (CSKA Moscow)
Striker - 26 years old

Turkish daily Habertürk suggests that Fenerbahçe have once again turned to CSKA Moscow striker Vágner Love. Rumours are that Canaries officials have already made an offer for the 26-year-old goalscorer who was on loan at Brazilian club Flamengo last season. Having turned down Flamengo's offer to stay at the Rio de Janeiro side, Vágner Love is also reported to be linked with Bundesliga's Hamburger SV.

Nilmar (Villareal)
Striker / Right winger - 25 years old
Sabah, Pas Fotomaç

According to Sabah and Pas Fotomaç, Fenerbahçe are insisting on Villareal striker / winger Nilmar. The Yellow Canaries have reportedly upped their cash plus part exchange offer and are said to be waiting for the Spanish club's final decision. Rumours are that Villareal are keen on sealing the deal and they are waiting for the approval of 25-year-old striker Nilmar himself.

Brandão (Olympique de Marseille)
Striker - 30 years old

Sabah also claims that Olympique de Marseille have snubbed Monaco's one-year loan offer for Brandão. Sabah rumours that if OM succeeds in transferring Ivorian striker Didier Drogba from Chelsea, 'there's a 90% chance' that Fenerbahçe will land 30-year-old Brazilian forward Brandão. 

CSKA Moscow attacking midfielder Miloš Krasić, Rennes striker Asamoah Gyan, Manchester City winger Vladimír Weiss and AS Nancy-Lorraine striker/winger Issiar Dia have also been linked with Fenerbahçe.

Disclaimer: Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the above rumours or state that they are anything else than mere speculation. Please wait for official announcements from the club management.

(Pictured above, Vágner Love)

Comments (12)

AKay • 12:35 • July 18, 2010
Vagner Love Vagner Love Vagner Love Vagner Love
Kozak • 12:46 • July 18, 2010
Vagner Love seems to be more problem than talent judging by his career at CSKA.

Weird though seeing as he is one of the best strikers in the Football Manager series.
Memz • 12:53 • July 18, 2010
o no please not Brandão - we don't need a second Guiza.

Vagner Love is a great forward and i think that it is possible to get him but i don't know if he can play as lonely striker.
Ediz36 • 13:09 • July 18, 2010
"If Marseille land Drogba"???? That is not happening so therefore Brandão isn't :)
Memz • 13:28 • July 18, 2010
didn't Drogba say that he wants to end his career at Marseille?
remedy2000 • 14:03 • July 18, 2010
hopefully bilica gets caught sucking off another man like he did in brazil so he gets sold. Cos that seems like the only way this tumour of a player will be excised from the squad.
Kozak • 14:07 • July 18, 2010
Yeah but Drogba's career isn't ending now. Look at the guy, he'll play until 38 maybe.
Memz • 14:33 • July 18, 2010
yes but we don't know how Drogba wants to end his career.
maybe he just wants to be remembered as worldclass so that he goes to Marseille this year or next year to stay there for 2 years and then end his career at the age of 34/35 cause a 38 year old footballer can't add a lot to a team even if it's Drogba.
ozanFB • 14:42 • July 18, 2010
forget the archer.. its time for this
Memz • 15:10 • July 18, 2010
naaa all we need is Love

btw what happend with Daniel Carvalho? did he get injured? he was one of the best players in Europe but now he seems forgotten.
JayJayOkocha • 15:51 • July 18, 2010
We need 2 centrebacks, 2 right wingers, 2 strikers, 1 central midfielder of high quality. This team is missing depth, muscles and leadership on the midfield.

Emre is so called a "leader" while when the match doesn't go our way he's the one who gets aggressive and spreads negative energy, he's a dynamo but he does not have the skills to be a great controller of the midfield, one like Scheinsteiger/Cana/Van Bommel/Ballack/Ernst. Cristian is a pure defensive midfielder, his job is to steal the ball and pass it to a friend. Nothing wrong with it, but we need players who can do more than that, like Van Bommel. One who can inspire the team, and also can bring the ball into the game. 9/10 of Cristians passes go wide, it adds nothing to our game, 'cause our wings also don't have depth. Look at Ernst, how many times you see him give the ball wide ? Ernst is a great controller of the midfield, his passing and vision is incredible, just like his defensive skills. Because Bjk didn't have a 10 last year, Ernst played closer to the opponents goal, and also adapted quite a few skills, he's become more technical with the ball.

Look at Rijkaard, at Barca he brought Van Bommel, when you look at todays Holland, you see Van Bommel and De Jong in the midfield. Who's better ? Van Bommel by a distance. Nigel can't bring the ball into the play, he's just like Cristian, while Van Bommel is a great controller of the midfield.

Rijkaard is a smart guy, he makes the transfers now and brought Cana, who's similair to Van Bommel. He does what he did at Barca, he knows what a midfield needs. Cana on his own is Emre + Cristian + Selcuk together. He's always a leader, just like Van Bommel. He got great defensive skills, just like Van Bommel and he can bring the ball into play, just like Van Bommel.

We don't have a type of this player. Emre is not that type. Emre is a dynamo on the midfield who works a lot, but he's not that type of player. He's not a great controller.

That's the type of player we need on the midfield. However, these type of players are always expensive and you can't find them in the Brazilian league. Aurelio was a great one though. He exactly fits the describtion. Seeing Boateng play for Ghana, he does have the potential to fill that gap. If we had scouted better we might have got Ramires while he won in Brazilian league, he too does have those skills. For now, it's Boateng who pops up in my mind. I heard some say here Muntari, but he too is more like Cristian.

We also should look for Yasin Pehlivan and Veli Kavlak, Rijkaard had those high on his transfer list but they we're too expensive for Gala. These 2 young Turks have a lot of potential to be great midfielders, in both defense and attack. They both play in the Austrian league.

We need 2 centrebacks. Bilica is really the worst centreback we had in years. Victorino plays in their domestic competition and was great for Uruguay, Gallas on free transfer.

We also need 2 wingers. I say Trochowski and Sercan, as Sercan can also play as a striker. I have faith in the young fella, he's still better then Volkan Sen is, but he had a poor year due to long lasting injuries.

2 strikers we need. Pektemek and a very good foreign striker. No Gyan, he'a second Guiza, he just misses too much. Love would be fine, but their is a reason he's not playing for CSKA. Santa Cruz would the best option, he's tall, can play with his back to the goal, is good at 1-2s, good header, good shot, good goalscorer.


-----Veli Kavlak----Yasin P-----

I left out Alex out of the first squad cause we want to play fast,attacking, pressing football. Alex dont fit that system.
fb_fan • 17:37 • July 18, 2010
^^ i really hope for a K.P. Boateng rumour..more than that-transfer!He is just amazing!Besides,he has that flame in him,the sparkle,that makes the team go wild!Right now,he should not be hard to get..pompey player,not that expensive,personally speaking-great investment!Stoch was amazing hit,but we need to continue looking outside the box..

totally agree with JayJay's opinion!It was a while since someone wrote something that sensibly!
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