Transfer Rumours: Monday July 19, 2010

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In today's press scan, news reports from the Turkish and International press linking Fenerbahçe with transfer moves for Asamoah Gyan, Grafite, Karim Matmour, Brandão and others. Please note that Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the following transfer rumours.

The following transfer rumours were linked in Turkish and International media, although each is pure speculation unless the club issues an official statement. We do not hold any of the rumours to be truth.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide will publish one article of transfer rumours per day (as long as there is demand), and the list will be updated throughout the day as more are reported. Please check the article periodically for updates.

Asamoah Gyan (Rennes)
Striker - 24 years old
Le Parisien, Sabah, Fanatik, Vatan

Turkish daily Sabah cites reports in Le Parisien that Fenerbahçe have upped their offer for Rennes striker Asamoah Gyan and that the Ligue 1 side have accepted the offer. Currently on holiday, following the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Asamoah Gyan is soon expected to make his final decision concerning Fenerbahçe's offer. Fanatik suggests that Liverpool are out of the picture and expects Fener to announce the transfer within 48 hours. Vatan also writes that Fenerbahçe are close to landing the 24-year-old Ghanaian international striker.

Grafite (VfL Wolfsburg)
Striker - 31 years old
Vatan, Sky Sports

Despite VfL Wolfsburg officials' denials of talks with Fenerbahçe, Turkish daily Vatan claims that the Yellow Canaries could soon also announce the transfer of Brazilian striker Grafite. Rumours are that Fenerbahçe have reached an agreement with the Bundesliga side and if Grafite is convinced, the player will join ranks at the Yellow Canaries. British media outlet Sky Sports have also claimed that Grafite could join Fenerbahçe. VfL Wolfsburg officials are expected to make a decision on the 31-year-old Brazilian striker this week. 

Karim Matmour (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
Attacking midfielder / Forward - 25 years old
Le Parisien, Habertürk

Habertürk cites reports in French daily Le Parisien that Borussia Mönchengladbach attacking midfielder Karim Matmour is on Fenerbahçe's radar. While Sochaux, PSV Eindhoven and ACF Fiorentina also interested in transferring Karim Matmour, the Yellow Canaries are also listed as a potential destination for the 25-year-old Algerian international.

Brandão (Olympique de Marseille)
Striker - 30 years old
Aujourd'hui en France

The Turkish media are citing reports in French daily Aujourd'hui en France that Fenerbahçe representatives are negotiating with Olympique de Marseille officials to finalize a deal for 30-year-old Brazilian forward Brandão.

AS Nancy-Lorraine striker/winger Issiar Dia, Corinthians striker Dentinho, Villareal striker/winger Nilmar, Porto striker Radamel Falcao and Gençlerbirliği goalkeeper Serdar Kulbilge have also been linked with Fenerbahçe.

Disclaimer: Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the above rumours or state that they are anything else than mere speculation. Please wait for official announcements from the club management.

(Pictured above, Asamoah Gyan)

Comments (14)

Engin • 14:09 • July 19, 2010
Here is an atricle on about Brandao:
mehmet • 15:25 • July 19, 2010
Update: Grafite rumour updated with Sky Sports report.
2pac • 15:57 • July 19, 2010
I want a transfer for the sake of a transfer!
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 16:06 • July 19, 2010
I wanted Ronadinho :( 10 million euros is nothing for us!!!!
ozanFB • 16:15 • July 19, 2010
Im with you 2pac - same BS every transferperiod
Semihhh • 16:18 • July 19, 2010
Where the hell is Ronaldinho gonna play ? Left we allready got Stoch , Ugur Boral , and possebly Caner but i prefer him at the left back With Santos , at the Midlle we got Alex , Mehmet Topuz and Ozer ( maybe Ozer can go right ) But there we got Kazim nd Deivid & i don't see Dinho there playing at the right , soo i dont see Dinho comming to us he probably want a huge salaris we can't offer ... btw he dusnt fit in our 4231 system Aykut is probably gonna play :)

We can't complain about out midfield , but we can at the Front and Back so , I want a good Striker our a Defender ( Like GODIN !!! He could be fcking awesome with Lugano :( but out 'Yonetim' is to blind to see that! )
mtHead • 16:19 • July 19, 2010
Bukharov joined St. Zenit. for 11 euros. This is penuts for a player of his caliber, I wonder if Fener ever considered buying him. I am not sure why Fener does not look east ward once a while.
Kazan coach is they only one that have great results against Barca even better than Marihno, however Fener never considered him as a coach.
mehmet • 16:32 • July 19, 2010
Update: Brandão rumour added to today's list.
AKay • 16:37 • July 19, 2010
god no not Bukharov, im russian and i follow the league, that guy may have an impressive scoring tally but he can miss the most ridiculous chances....(like guiza)
londonder • 19:34 • July 19, 2010
I seriously had enough of waiting. What is Aziz Yildirim doing? how can you make so many supporters wait for so long? grr
ergin • 19:36 • July 19, 2010
For all of you saying that you just want a transfer already I want to remind you of last year. Last season, especially during the winter break, most of you guys were saying "oh gala got Dos Santos and Jo and Elano, we're screwed" but in the end those guys were pretty much flops and we finished above Gala and bjk.

It's not about big names, it's about how well the player fits in your team, both physically and mentally as well. I personally like how we're not just going after anything but taking our time instead...
remedy2000 • 19:50 • July 19, 2010
Last season Fener played bad for 80% of their games. They were boring and annoying to watch. Fener last season had some of the best luck ive ever seen a team recieve. Most games they were outplayed and grinding out a result at best.

At least Gala and Bjk were entertaining to watch. Gala conversely were really unlucky with many of their results. Had Gala had 10% of the luck Fener had last season, they would have won the treble. Where they outplayed their opposition but conceeded last minute goals or poor decision making cost them.

Athletico Madrid who won the the europa cup, were lucky to not go out against Gala, when Gala were refused a blatant penalty on the 83 minute, and madrid a player should have been sent off. Instead Gala get a player sent off and conceed a last minute goal.

You say:

"It's not about big names, it's about how well the player fits in your team, both physically and mentally as well. I personally like how we're not just going after anything but taking our time instead"

Yet all the rumours we here are of big name players, rather then the players we need. Wheres that rumour of the CB we need?
WirSINDFenerbahce • 19:52 • July 19, 2010
We should have got Brandao a couple of seasons ago:( Matamour is a player! Though I dont think we need anymore attacking mid/forward combo players. Needed: CB and a consistant Striker!
ergin • 22:52 • July 19, 2010
I have no problem with Gyan coming here, I think it would end up being a good transfer. He might be the striker we need...
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