Fenerbahçe Will Introduce New 2010-2011 Kits Friday

News  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe issued a statement earlier today, indicating that the new 2010-2011 kits will be introduced Friday night.  The new uniforms were originally scheduled to be released yesterday - 19.07, World Fenerbahçe Day, but the release of the new kits has been pushed back to Friday. 

In a statement released earlier today, Fenerbahçe announced that the new team kits for the upcoming 2010-2011 season will be introduced Friday evening.  The club will hold a ceremony to launch the new uniforms, as well as the complete Fenerium fall and winter collection. 

The club has stated that the new team kits will have some slight changes.  One change is that the team's classic, striped shirt will now have nine stripes instead of five.  The nine stripes are to represent the nine different branches of sport the club competes in.  Additionally, a new parliament blue-colored shirt is expected to be included in this season's kit range. 

The new Fenerbahçe training wear range and the full Fenerium fall and winter collection will be introduced Friday night as well.  The club statement indicated that the new kits, training range, and new collection will go on sale to the public starting Saturday, July 24th - the fourth anniversary of Fenerbahçe Worldwide.  Fenerium, the official team store of Fenerbahçe, will be selling all of the new products. 

Comments (9)

Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 18:31 • July 20, 2010
The new jerseys looking awesome!!!!!!!
Semihhh • 19:06 • July 20, 2010
That's not the new one , i hope so ... cuz i'v seen better that's one made from a fan ,

and the kits , there gonna be freaking awesome like they every year are ;) & where defenetly not getting a pink one like 6s hahahaha

sageleader • 20:12 • July 20, 2010
I really think the 9 stripes are going to look too thin and like there are too many.
fb_fan • 20:26 • July 20, 2010
How could they switch place between the player and sponsor names!It is so annoying to see ulker on top of every jersey!
aarohaa • 20:39 • July 20, 2010
Yes fb_fan, i totally agree.. thats so annoying. I cant understand how they could agree on that..
perlomental • 21:14 • July 20, 2010
They can't say no to the Ulker thing above, because the TFF made a new rule last year that obliges every team to write the players' name on the bottom and the sponsor up. Although its not nice, it sure is affective since it increases the income of the teams.
polat10 • 00:18 • July 21, 2010
Fenerbahce have signed Issiar Dia.

fb_fan • 00:35 • July 21, 2010
^^ Omg polat you are like a flash magnit lately :D

tnx for the fast update mane!I hope Dia does marvelous with us!
mkaymer • 16:08 • August 18, 2010
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