Fenerbahçe Announce Transfer of Senegalese Star Issiar Dia

News  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe coach Aykut Kocaman stated recently that the team wasn't done with transfers, and apparently he was correct.  The club issued a statement late Tuesday night saying they have agreed to terms with Senegalese star Issiar Dia.  The striker joins the team from French outfit AS Nancy-Lorraine on a four-year deal with Fenerbahçe.

Fenerbahçe issued a statement close to midnight Tuesday evening, announcing that the team has transferred Issiar Dia.  The 23-year-old striker has been with French side AS Nancy-Lorraine since 2006, coming over from Amiens SC. 

According to Fenerbahçe, the club has signed Dia on a four-year deal.  The French-born footballer of Senegalese heritage has been a member of the Senegal National Team since 2008.  Dia started his international career with the French U-21 team before making the decision to play for Senegal. 

Issiar Dia was linked with moves to Wolfsburg and Stuttgart of Germany, Stoke City of England, as well as Monaco and French sides Bordeaux and Olympique Marseille recently.  According to Fenerbahçe TV, Fener Vice-President Murat Özaydınlı has stated that Dia will join the Canaries' camp this weekend. 

Fenerbahçe Worldwide welcomes Issiar Dia to the Yellow Canaries' family.   

Comments (44)

polat10 • 00:47 • July 21, 2010
Good signing in my opinion.
aarohaa • 00:49 • July 21, 2010
Shit!!!!! This means no new foreign transfer for defense...
Damn, Bilica is gonna make me break some more pots again!!! :)

Fener needs another forward, and that transfer is gonna come believe me.

My guess is, maybe another good young defender with heaps of potential????
Skyblues • 00:53 • July 21, 2010
feels he runs like Okacha...what's with colin kazim btw, is he back with, has that team bought him or so? havent had a chance anything lately..
Isse • 01:08 • July 21, 2010
Is this our super duper star that Aziz Yildirim talked about?
JayJayOkocha • 01:08 • July 21, 2010
Why the hell would this mean no new transfers for defence ? Kocaman said that 2 of the transfers will be announced this week, meaning their will be more.

Aziz Yildirim promised 3 world stars, so far we haven't transferd one.
polat10 • 01:17 • July 21, 2010
Isse, no this isn't the super star aziz talked about.
mehmet • 01:55 • July 21, 2010
ergin • 02:10 • July 21, 2010
JayJay I think aarohaa was saying no more *foreign* transfers for defence, not just no more transfers, due to the foreign players limit.

Anyways, Polat took the words out of my mouth. Good transfer in my opinion. We'll see how it turns out...
macho-morten • 02:28 • July 21, 2010
So who knows more about this player? Is he worth it? All I know is that his goal tally isn't impressive, so I hope he's not brought in as a striker.

Pretty fast and exciting on PES 2010 though ;)
remedy2000 • 02:29 • July 21, 2010
if he really is a striker, then hes a really bad one. His record is 1 in 10 for nancy. I dont think this is the kind of player that is going to take fener to the next level.
kezza • 02:36 • July 21, 2010
supermarket..he is not enough...
macho-morten • 02:44 • July 21, 2010
My hope is that he's an amazing winger... Don't anyone here follow French football?
RisingSunOnEurope • 02:49 • July 21, 2010
idk idon reeli like this transfer much .. not what we reeeli need.. we need a big strong striker who can make sumthin happen by himself.. hopefully this dude proves me wrong but hes at my unwelcoming arms at the moment
remedy2000 • 02:54 • July 21, 2010
He cant be that amazing if no one has heard of him.
Ediz36 • 02:54 • July 21, 2010
Was this a free transfer? Or have the terms just not been disclosed? If we are to sign this 'superstar' then i think we need to get rid of one of our foreign players. Most likely seems to be Guiza.

I think we'll sign another Turkish player as well as that is being strongly hinted too.

As for Dia. I've never heard of him to be honest. Seems to be a risky transfer, he will either light up the league with his pace and dribbling or fail horribly :/
macho-morten • 02:59 • July 21, 2010
I read somewhere that the fee was about €6 millions, but it wasn't somewhere official.

If he's a winger/striker it seems logical that Deivid is done here. Younger, faster, more explosive version of him? One could hope.
macho-morten • 03:00 • July 21, 2010
Ediz, I agree on that. But then again: Which transfers aren't risky?
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 03:06 • July 21, 2010
Hmmmm never heard of him but he can't be worse than Guiza lol
JayJayOkocha • 03:30 • July 21, 2010
Appearantly he was also wanted by Bordeaux,Stuttgart,Marseille and Wolfsburg.
ergin • 03:44 • July 21, 2010
Remedy what do you mean he can't be that amazing if no one has ever heard of him? If that were true, how does anyone ever become amazing in the first place?? Would you say Messi became amazing at 21? At 17? At 10? At some point people didn't know about him...
Temirov123 • 04:01 • July 21, 2010
Holy crap! This guy looks like a horse! he will be useful in my opinion!
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 04:07 • July 21, 2010
Actually Aykut said we are gonna play fast football so this guy fits in our system. I think this guy will be useful. A LOT useful than Guiza.
JayJayOkocha • 04:12 • July 21, 2010
I hope for a centrefoward, a central midfielder and a centreback.
remedy2000 • 04:47 • July 21, 2010
ergin are you a child? because you sure do post like one. The guy is going on 24 years of age and plays for a weak french team in the french league. Nancy came 13th in the league. He scores approx once every 10 games, and with that record i would be ashamed to call myself a striker.

A player becomes amazing when he plays amazing football. When a player plays amazing football it garners him international attention. Arda Turan is the same age and plays in a league that gathers next to no international attention. Yet most people know he is amazing. This guy it seems, no one has heard of him since fener signed him. If he was really that great someone would of heard of him.

Maybe he turns out to be a good player, but with all the rumours and claims, this transfer is nothing special. And it seems more logical and sane to claim that he isnt an amazing player going by these facts. Why would you call him an amazing player because Fener signed him and the international football world somehow missed out on him?

And talking of messi, as a teenager his playing gathered attention and he signed for barcelona. If your that good, you are spotted sooner rather then later.
RisingSunOnEurope • 06:45 • July 21, 2010
issiar dia----------------------stoch
RisingSunOnEurope • 06:45 • July 21, 2010
idk if this dude can be a good striker hes not that big.. he is quick as heck tho .. idk hes jus not the transfer i had in mind at all but who knoes mayb he'll rip up the tsl
fb_fan • 08:14 • July 21, 2010
SelcukFener • 08:36 • July 21, 2010
im loving this so far 1 more to go lets get it in hadi fener we got this dia is a great player and i think he will be one of the best in turkiye inn his 1st yr with them we got this yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ergin • 08:55 • July 21, 2010

First off if anyone is posting like a child it's how you responded, not my post. Second you still missed my whole point. A player is not good or bad because you have or haven't heard of them. They might be in a current team that they do not fit in well, or the team sucks, and therefore only score 1 out of 10 as you mentioned.

That's why Messi and Rooney didn't score at the world cup, because the teams they play on, Barca and MU, are way better than their national teams. Same thing with Eto'o going to Inter. Barca is way better and Inter couldn't set him up enough and give him many chances to score. Different style, different players, different everything.

And oh yeah, one last thing I'll note is that I HAVE heard of Dia before, saw him in some highlights about a year and a half ago, so I guess he's really good now right...
Ediz36 • 08:58 • July 21, 2010

Link to goal.com announcement. Though this was posted before the transfer was complete.
Midwinter • 09:31 • July 21, 2010
Gosh... I'm French and I think this signing sucks big time. I would have never thought Fener could sign a player like this. I mean, come on, that guy is like an eternal future star... Every summer there were rumours of him going to Marseile or another big French club but in the end he always stayed at Nancy.
I really hope he'll do good at Fener but I'm really pessimistic.
Sydney_GFB • 09:41 • July 21, 2010
aykut kocaman wont play him as a striker, he said himself there still trying to get a striker, if we sign asamoah gyan then were going to have amazing attack but we seriously need a replacement for bilica he sucks badly
Kozak • 09:52 • July 21, 2010
His strike rate doesn't matter. Drogba didn't exactly have the most exciting strike rate at the age of 24 and look where he is now.

A 23 year old, fast African striker. Isn't that what you were all begging for?
AKay • 09:58 • July 21, 2010
Hes more effective on the wing (from what i've seen), and i think this was supposed to replace the krasic/hazard transfer so he will probs be used as a winger
khoda • 10:09 • July 21, 2010
Deivid, Topuz, Kazim and now Dia on the same side! Atleast if you buy a player sell a old one!!! And btw, i tought we got striker problem in Fener! not winger problems. this transfer is totally stupid. What we need is a CB or a Striker. Not a stupid winger....

mehmet • 11:35 • July 21, 2010
Midwinter, what about Asamoah Gyan from Rennes?
fener1907 • 12:09 • July 21, 2010
I think Deivid, Bilica and Guiza should leave!! Miranda from Sao Paolo FC is good we can get him for 8 Mill euro plus Bilica! and Deivid sell him to Flamengo becuase Zico wants him and for Guiza+12 mill euro= Nilmar!
ForzaFener • 12:59 • July 21, 2010
This is really good.

Now we got Stoch and Dia as wingers. Both are fast and with great technique.

What this team needs now is CB and striker.
Memz • 14:16 • July 21, 2010
Stoch hasn't technique he is just fast and that is the only way to beat his opponent - i think Dia is much more of a winger we need - it's seems that he doesn't goes inside like Stoch does but runs to the backline to give a cross - i would like Vagner Love as striker but that wouldn't be smart we need a good header now.
remedy2000 • 14:32 • July 21, 2010
ergin are you the same guy who said caner was Galatasaray's worst player last season?
Midwinter • 14:44 • July 21, 2010
mehmet> Gyan is a good player, he's very powerful and he scored important goals last season and in the World Cup. I'm just afraid he's be a bit like Guiza, missing easy opportunities in every match or so.
I would definitely prefer a guy like Santa Cruz, who is still young and would be a lot cheaper.
mtHead • 15:52 • July 21, 2010
Remedy that was me and I still stand by it.
Temirov123 • 16:07 • July 21, 2010
I think our team will be much better with Kazim playing as striker in turkcell super lig.... not cl though. We need a striker like forlan, or ronaldinho who could lead us as striker in champions league. but our wings are super great!!!!!!!! ozer, stoch, kazim, dia, !!!!
ergin • 17:15 • July 21, 2010
No, I didn't. I'm indifferent about caner. I've seen some good play from him, and I've seen some terrible play from him.
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