Transfer Rumours: Wednesday July 21, 2010

Rumour  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Picture

In today's press scan, news reports from the Turkish and International press linking Fenerbahçe with transfer moves for Asamoah Gyan, Miloš Krasić, Javad Nekounam and others. Please note that Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the following transfer rumours.

The following transfer rumours were linked in Turkish and International media, although each is pure speculation unless the club issues an official statement. We do not hold any of the rumours to be truth.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide will publish one article of transfer rumours per day (as long as there is demand), and the list will be updated throughout the day as more are reported. Please check the article periodically for updates.

Asamoah Gyan (Rennes)
Striker - 24 years old
Hürriyet, Sabah, Fanatik

Hürriyet claims that talks are almost finalized with Rennes and that Fenerbahçe are very close to landing Asamoah Gyan. Hürriyet suggests the transfer could happen 'any moment now'. Meanwhile, Sabah rumours that Asamoah Gyan's transfer will be finalized before the new season jerseys come out on Friday. Turkish sports daily Fanatik also rumours that Gyan's transfer will be finalized this week. 

Miloš Krasić (CSKA Moscow)
Attacking midfielder / Right winger - 25 years old
Tuttosport, Sky Italia, Fanatik, Pas Fotomaç

Turkish sports dailies Fanatik and Pas Fotomaç cite reports in Italy's Tuttosport which quote Miloš Krasić's agent Marko Naletelić. "The player is available to wait a little bit more for Juventus, the probability of the transfer is at 50%. The only thing we know for sure is that he will leave CSKA Moscow. Miloš wants to go to Juventus, but he currently has a great offer from Fenerbahçe in his hands. However his desire is to go to Italy and play for Juventus," Naletelić told Sky Italia, according to Tuttosport.

Javad Nekounam (Osasuna)
Defensive midfielder - 29 years old
Diario de Navarra, Sabah, Pas Fotomaç

A Pas Fotomaç report, also published on Sabah online, cites rumours in Spanish local daily Diario de Navarra that Fenerbahçe have had talks with the agent of Iranian defensive midfielder Javad Nekounam. At Osasuna since 2006, Nekounam has stated he prefers to stay in Spain, however Diario de Navarra suggests the transfer might finalize soon. Javad Nekounam was also recently linked with Greek side Olympiacos.

VfL Wolfsburg striker Grafite, Trabzonspor defensive midfielder Ceyhun Gülselam and Olympique de Marseille striker Brandão have also been linked with Fenerbahçe.

Disclaimer: Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the above rumours or state that they are anything else than mere speculation. Please wait for official announcements from the club management.

(Pictured above, Javad Nekounam)

Comments (45)

khoda • 12:45 • July 21, 2010
Javad Nekounam!!! hahaha, yeah i think Fenerbahce needs a Iranian in the team
kezza • 12:46 • July 21, 2010
I guess executives of FB are thinking that give a chance to guiza 1year more and they don't interested in great centre-back or super forward..
khoda • 12:48 • July 21, 2010
btw, non of this players are superstar strikers. Not that that kind of BOMB SUPERSTAR PLAYER Aziz promised us. I woundering more and more if Aziz can deliver the shit he promise all the time
Kozak • 12:51 • July 21, 2010
Uhh what. Gyan is a superstar player. He brought Ghana all the way to the quarter finals of the World Cup, has a good striker rate and big clubs wanted him.

Krasic is also a superstar player especially seeing as Juve, United etc. wanted him.
AKay • 12:51 • July 21, 2010
Guiza will definetely not stay...not after we didnt allow him to go to africa and left him in istanbul.
AKay • 12:55 • July 21, 2010
whoa did u see that dia video against lille where he ran past like 5 lille players
kezza • 13:01 • July 21, 2010
Guiza doesn't stay anymore? it's cool news
khoda • 13:04 • July 21, 2010
Kozak: a superstar dont miss penalty like that.

And krasic aint no striker
JayJayOkocha • 13:05 • July 21, 2010

You probably missed Beckham's penalty against Turkey.
khoda • 13:46 • July 21, 2010
No i didnt, but have you seen Asamoah Gyan play? He miss alot just like guiza.
khoda • 13:47 • July 21, 2010
2008–2010 Rennes 47 games 14 goals

Is that a superstar striker? you tell me!
JayJayOkocha • 13:52 • July 21, 2010
I'm not saying we should get Gyan, just commented on the penalty stuff. Guiza is a better striker then Gyan. Gyan moves well, strong, fast but Guiza is a better scorer. Gyan is really no better then Guiza is. I say Grafite, Santa Cruz or Gomis.
khoda • 13:57 • July 21, 2010
Then we are atleast somehow on the same level. All i say is that Gyan aint the superstar fenerbahce needs. In fact i dont even see him as a superstar even if you do somehow.
Memz • 14:26 • July 21, 2010
isn't there a new Zlatan somewhere? i think he is exactly what we need atm.
khoda • 14:35 • July 21, 2010
We should have bought Adriano before Roma. Adriano is strong as a horse and he score alot of goals!
Kozak • 14:44 • July 21, 2010
Hes also as fat as a cow.
JayJayOkocha • 14:44 • July 21, 2010
Well, Arnautovic was for sale, Werder bought him for just 6 million from Inter. He would have been great.
BushRanger • 14:46 • July 21, 2010
I dont rate Gyan. He only got Ghana through by scoring a few penalties, and then missed the most important one. I only remember him scoring one goal from open play. Also, the good managers never ever buy a player on the back of a few good performances at a tournament like the world cup. The player values are often inflated overnight by their clubs, plus you only see a player when they are playing out of their skin in the biggest games of their lives. Stephane Guivarch, anyone? So, unless we were tracking Gyan for the last 6 months anyway, and he was identified as just the player we need, we shouldn't bother. It just makes the club look like a bunch of mugs with more money than sense.
khoda • 14:52 • July 21, 2010

2009–2010 Flamengo 22 games 15 goals

Apparently that fat cow does more goals then your superstar Gyan. Infact Adriano is to good to even be compared to Gyan
macho-morten • 14:55 • July 21, 2010
Our fall schedule is out! Without dates so far, but:
Kozak • 15:00 • July 21, 2010
Yeah thats in Brazilian league and Italian league. You think an overweight man will be able to do well in the Turkish league?

I'm not denying his goal scoring abilities but he clearly has weight issues and wouldn't last the full 90 in Turkey. A lot of you guys would also start to get annoyed with his lack of pace and movement on the pitch unless the ball is placed precisely at his feet.
JayJayOkocha • 15:14 • July 21, 2010
A fit Adriano is one of the best strikers in football. But this lazy fat pig has hard time keeping up during training of As Roma.

Just get Gomis for gods sake. That's the type of striker we need.
khoda • 15:17 • July 21, 2010
hahahaha kozak are you kidding me? Are you really saying brazilian league is a shit league? Thats why Fener got 5 brazilians in the team all imported from Brazil? Stop making a fool of your self kid. Adriano have a big record of goal scoring from Italian league aswell. Get a life forum troll.

And you talking about placing the ball at his feets... Zlatan is same type of player. They need the ball perfect placed at there feet. But i guess you think Zlatan sucks too...
JayJayOkocha • 15:18 • July 21, 2010
By the way, for those who say Gyan,

Think of it. Do you think a team like Rennes could possibly buy a "big, amazing talent striker" like Gyan is supposed to be, from a team like Udinese ?
khoda • 15:18 • July 21, 2010
JayJayOkocha Andre Santos is a fat pig too right now. I cant hear you complain about him! It have been summer. All Brazilians get fat at this time a year.
JayJayOkocha • 15:34 • July 21, 2010
Santos isn't fat. He can be more fit, but he's not fat. But Adriano ? He is FAT.
Kozak • 15:35 • July 21, 2010
Wow you insult me by misinterpreting what I said?

I didn't say Brazilian league is "shit". I said the Brazilian league is the Brazilian league and the Turkish league is the Turkish league. Brazilian league is far less of a strain on your fitness, stamina and physique. I don't even know how you got that I said Brazilian league is "shit".

I may be 17 and still a kid but at least I don't misinterpret what people say.

Adriano has a record of scoring in Italy but not a big one. Maybe at Parma but not at Inter.

Also Zlatan is different to Adriano. So different I can't believe you can compare the two.

I talk about placing the ball at his feet cause all of last season you guys were complaining that Guiza wasn't running and that we need to play fast football.
perlomental • 16:25 • July 21, 2010
Lets make something clear khoda,
Keirrison was ripping the Brazilian league in the 2008-2009 season, he went to Barcelona, they sent him on-loan to Fiorentina, he failed there, went back to Brazil on-loan. Ronaldo at the age of 31 scored 9 goals in 20 matches for Milan, at age 33 scored 13 goals in 21 matches for Corinthians (he got older, he also dealed with injuries, he scored more!).
Andre Santos is not fat, maybe he gained a few in the Summer but he will drop them down in the next two weeks by max, but Adriano has is currently fat, and heres a pic that shows you who Adriano is (that pic is before he got bulky)

perlomental • 16:26 • July 21, 2010
And yea I agree with Kozak, Adriano is nothing close to Zlatan, Zlatan was worth tens of millions + Eto'o, while Adriano was thrown by Inter.
khoda • 16:29 • July 21, 2010
Kozak: Maybe i read a bit sloppy and missunderstand you. But yet again has always deliverd goals untill he got som personal problems with his fathers death and become an alcholic for a while. Anyway, Guiza didnt just stand still. He runned but he is so weak he cant event take down a ball. He cant get passed anyone 1 vs 1 and he just miss open goals. And thats something Adriano dont do.

And Zlatan had a hugh scoring record in Inter but apparently not good enough in Barcelona. Its all about the team too but Gyan iant a top score superstar and saying he is just missrepresentiv.
khoda • 16:34 • July 21, 2010
perlomental, Santos aint fat? yeah ok, maybe you missed him running around chubby in the friendly games.

You guys havent watched the world cup right? Gyan missed more chances then Guiza does.

Saying Adriano is crap is like pissing into the wind. It will just splash back at your face.
JayJayOkocha • 16:35 • July 21, 2010
Zlatan scored 16 goals in his first season for Barca for gods sake.
khoda • 16:39 • July 21, 2010
JayJayOkocha: Eto'o scored 23 i belive.
Kozak • 16:44 • July 21, 2010
Yeah Zlatan scored heaps which always shocks me when Barca fans say he is a disappointment and even the Barcelona board want to offload him..

What the hell is expected of a striker these days? A 1:1 goal ratio?
khoda • 16:46 • July 21, 2010
well thats fans that dont appreciate what they have. He should come to Fener and feel real gratitude by real fans.

Well world class superstar strikers like messi, they expect scoring in everygame.
mtHead • 17:05 • July 21, 2010
does anyone know why Makukula is never a consideration for Fener. Can someone give an informed and unbiased answer
Kozak • 17:18 • July 21, 2010
Honestly its probably cause our board feel we are way too big a club to accommodate a player like him. He is a great striker, lots of strength, a very strong foot and knows where to be. Its sad that Kayserispor couldn't keep him.

I'd like Makukula here. He scores goals and thats what we so dearly need from our strikers.
mtHead • 17:27 • July 21, 2010
how sad is that, top scorer and he does not even make the rumor list.
Kozak • 17:49 • July 21, 2010

Remember that goal? I don't think anyone in our team has the balls to pull off a shot like that.
khoda • 18:19 • July 21, 2010!

Guys if Dia plays like this in fener noone will be able to compete with his spot in the first 11 :O

watch 00:30 in the video he is amazing
mtHead • 18:56 • July 21, 2010
Kozak that was a nice goal, I am totally baffled by how none of the big teams are chasing him. Mind bungling
Amsterdam • 19:24 • July 21, 2010
makakula=gyan... i see no difference really.. i think it would be very wrong to buy gyan for such a high price
Andre93 • 19:53 • July 21, 2010
diego godin joins atletico madrid
Memz • 20:35 • July 21, 2010
Adriano may be fat but his body is better trained then most Turkish players - didn't you guys see Arda one of the best players of the TSL last year? i loved watching Adriano when he played for Inter to bad that his father past away otherwise he would be one of the best strikers atm.

@andre - Diego Godin to Atlético Madrid? are you sure?
mkaymer • 20:05 • August 18, 2010
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