Diego Lugano Out for the Season

News  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Monday, April 28, 2008 Picture

Uruguayan defender Diego Lugano will miss the remainder of the season for Fenerbahçe, according to the club.  Fenerbahçe made the announcement on Monday following Lugano's MRI. 

The defender went down early in yesterday's 1-0 loss with what appeared to be a knee injury.  The MRI confirmed that it was, in fact, damage to knee ligaments.  The injury will sideline Lugano for quite some time, including the team's final two games of the Turkcell Süper Lig season.

The injury to Lugano's left knee occurred early in the first half, but he returned to action for several minutes before leaving in the 42nd minute.  He was replaced by young defender Yasin Çakmak. 

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rokkafellah • 03:54 • April 29, 2008
Exactly what we didn't need
nathan • 04:00 • April 29, 2008
absolutely, rokkafella...more insult to injury.
Denzo-Elturko • 05:31 • April 29, 2008
Thats devastating he is such a strong defender the last thing fener needs is to loose lugano.
nathan • 06:02 • April 29, 2008
denzo, I was thinking tonight that the only good thing is that it likely gives Yasin Cakmak more playing time. He has played so little and needs to get some actual game experience. Certainly, I hate that is at the expense of Lugano, but hopefully it will give Yasin more experience and confidence.
perlomental • 13:46 • April 29, 2008
Yasin was going to score an own goal against denizlisor in the first game, ofcrs if edu was injured instead of lugano was better, but its an ugly thing now for fener, cz we might finish 3rd, who knows? i hope that deniz baris recovers soon, insha2allah.
FenerManx • 14:10 • April 29, 2008
Lugano could be gone in the summer aswell if any of the speculation throughout the season is to be believed.
perlomental • 14:19 • April 29, 2008
nono he will stay, zico will not let anyone touch lugano, but edu is going to vilareal for 5 million £, appiah will replace him, maldonado can too.
rokkafellah • 17:14 • April 29, 2008
Don't worry, we have other skilled defenders and I believe we can still win the title. Let's concentrate on Fener's play and not debate whether Galatasaray will win or lose.
CANO • 13:47 • April 30, 2008
i heard that many foreign players are simulating injurys at the end of the season, to go earlyer at home. i hope diego is not one of them :(
perlomental • 21:40 • April 30, 2008
no cano, he is not, cz i saw him walking in the acibadem hospital on fbtv before entering the mri, he could barely walk, he is really an important and honest player, he was in real pain, trust me.
rokkafellah • 02:00 • May 1, 2008
If anyone is honest it is Lugano. You're right perlo
CANO • 13:17 • May 1, 2008
i didn't see him in the hospital, but if you say it, it will be so :)
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